City Hall 2020

Williamsport, Pa. – The City Hall building is set to remain the home of the Williamsport City Government after a 6-0 vote among members of the City Council's Ad Hoc Committee today. 

The City Government was previously considering moving from the current City Hall location to the Trade and Transit Buildings I & II. The possible move stirred concerns from members of the Community Theatre League (CTL), which is currently located in the Trade and Transit Buildings. 

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City Codes Administrator Joe Girardi moved for the vote not to pursue the Trade and Transit Buildings, opting for City Government to remain in City Hall. The motion was approved by all 6 members of the committee. 

Adam Yoder, Chairman of the Ad Hoc Committee thanked participants for their time, describing the issue as "a horse that's been beaten for a while." 

The Ad Hoc Committee addressed the need for ADA accessibility improvements of the current City Hall Building stating they do plan to make improvements to the building in order to ensure it meets ADA accessibility standards. 

For now, the committee said the plan will be to keep all administrative offices in the City Hall building, but eventually a new location will be found for the Williamsport City Police.

The next steps for the City will be to file a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a design and build contractor to look into the scope, pricing, and timeline of the project. 

Correction: A previous version of this story listed an incorrect title for City Codes Administrator Joe Girardi.