Montgomery, Pa. – Lycoming County Resource Management Services has reopened the recycling drop off site at Brady Township, located at the Township Building, 1986 Elimsport Road, in Montgomery.

If you or anyone in your household has COVID-19, please throw away your recyclables. 

The recycling site no longer has steps to use the plastics/metals container. 

A few collection procedures have changed. To better accommodate the inbound recyclables and help with its transportation, more materials will be combined:

  1. Fiber/Papers which include magazines, newspapers, chipboard, office paper junk mail, and cardboard that has been broken down are all acceptable into one container. 

  2. Plastic Bottles 1&2/Metal Cans which include plastic bottles/jars #1&2 only, tin/steel cans, and aluminum cans are all acceptable into one container. 

  3. Glass Bottles/Jars are still acceptable and are still separated by color (clear/brown/green).

Plastic Bags are not acceptable in the recycling containers. Individuals are asked to empty any bagged material and take their plastic bags back home with them. 

The only exception is for shredded office paper, please put your shredded office paper in a clear bag. 

For those who do not wish to visit the drop off sites, please know single stream recycling is available in Lycoming County. Reach out to your waste hauler for details.

You may recycle at any of the open Lycoming County recycling drop off sites regardless of your municipality. For an updated list of open drop off sites, please check our website

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