fake dogs.jpg
Fakes can look convincing, but don't let them fool you. Photo by Sven Lachmann

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture has caught a website selling fraudulent dog licenses as well as paying search engines to put their website in the top results for queries such as "Pennsylvania dog license" or "renew PA dog license."

As a rule of thumb, if you search for a site to renew your dog's license and end up in a .com domain (such as padoglicense dot com), it is likely a scam. A .gov domain, such as the Department of Agriculture's dog licensing page, is legitimate.

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In addition to purchasing a new dog license from the state department of agriculture, you may also purchase your license from the county treasurer or the SPCA when they become available. Each county treasurer has a different process, and while most offer an online option, some do not and require a paper form to be dropped off or mailed.

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