Plunketts Creek in winter 2008. Source: ruhrfisch/Wikimedia.

The North Pennsylvania Conservancy (NPC) announced recently that it has received funding to complete two improvement projects on waterways in Clinton and Lycoming counties.

For the Avis boat launch on Pine Creek, NPC received funding to install a "geocell," a honeycomb-looking structure that will be filled with stone to improve footing on the path down to the creek.

"Stone will also be used to improve the pathway from the parking area down to the stream," the NPC release says. "Right now, there’s a gate at the top of the path. The gate will be replaced with a bollard (a single, solid, post). It will be easier for people to carry their equipment past the bollard than around the gate."

Funding for this project comes from the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy's canoe access development fund.

In Lycoming County, NPC received funding from the Pennsylvania Chapter of Trout Unlimited for a "Coldwater Heritage Program grant to help cover the costs of stabilizing a stretch of Plunketts Creek in Plunketts Creek Township."

"Currently, eroding streambanks are adding sediment to Plunketts Creek and covering the substrate on the bottom. Plunketts Creek is a HQ-CWF (High Quality-Cold Water Fishery) that is also designated as a naturally reproducing trout stream. All of that means, the water quality of the stream is really good and native fish and other aquatic species can live there.

"This project will stabilize the streambanks and immediately end the erosion at this site and stop sending sediment downstream. There is some concern that if not addressed these eroding streambanks could cause the stream to degrade and eventually be considered impaired. By immediately stabilizing the streambanks, we’ll eliminate the source of the sediment and over time, the sediment on the stream bottom will flush out of the system."