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Waupaca Foundry in Tioga County. Source: FNN

Reprinted with permission from FNN

Lawrenceville, PA - Waupaca Foundry (formerly known as HMAC) let employees know that by August 1, 2020, they will no longer have a job, as the plant is planning on closing their doors.

Workers claim they were made aware of this devastating news earlier this week, but some have been hearing the rumor for some time.

"This is a devastating blow to Tioga County, Pennsylvania, residents, as many workers have families, mortgages and so on to pay. Many have given years to this company and are shocked at the announcement they received. Some workers are shy of their retirement and will have take a great financial loss if they take an early retirement from the company," stated one employee who wished to remain anonymous.

As for now, the Waupaca company has not released anything official on this closing announcement or provided a reason for the closure.

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