Source: PPL Electric Utilities

As your electricity distributor, PPL Electric Utilities will deliver electricity from any supplier you choose. If you don’t choose a supplier, PPL provides default supply “at cost.”

PPL Electric Utilities is educating customers about the aggressive fraud and deceptive marketing tactics that some energy suppliers use to get you to switch your service—often at a higher cost.

It’s happening to utility customers across the country, including Pennsylvania. Here’s what you need to know to avoid being scammed.

First, it’s important to remember that while PPL delivers your electricity, they do not supply it. In Pennsylvania, you can choose your energy supplier.

Energy suppliers often market their services to PPL customers. They want your business, and while most follow the rules, some don’t. Those who don’t might try to trick or pressure you into switching your supply service. That’s deceptive marketing, and it’s wrong.

Know the signs of energy supplier deceptive marketing

Deceptive marketing can take several forms.

Sometimes, scammers impersonate PPL employees by wearing clothing or badges with the company logo. Other times, they trick victims over the phone by “spoofing” PPL’s phone number. Here, your caller ID may display a variation of “PPL Electric Utilities,” but the call is actually coming from another location.

PPL doesn’t support any specific energy supplier. "We’ll never contact our customers—in person or on the phone—about their electric generation supply. If an energy supplier says they’re from PPL, they aren’t telling the truth," says PPL.

Protect yourself from scams with these tips:

  • PPL does not market or sell supplier services by phone or door to door. If the solicitor claims to represent PPL, call them directly.

  • Don’t always trust caller ID. Scammers can make it look like PPL is calling. If you suspect the caller might not really be PPL, hang up and call them directly.

  • Only return messages and calls to PPL at their official phone number: 1-800-342-5775. Update your account with a security PIN or password and never give it to anyone who calls you. PPL will ask for your PIN and password when you call them to make sure it’s really you.

  • Create an online account. You can check your account information and current supplier at any time, from any device.

  • Keep your e-mail address and phone number up-to-date. This way PPL can send you important notices. Their preferred method of communication is e-mail or text which are both cost saving.

If you think you’ve been the target of a scam, call PPL right away at 1-800-DIAL-PPL (1-800-342-5775) to report the incident.