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Harrisburg, Pa. – Pennsylvania's struggling business owners are invited to tell state House Republicans what kind of assistance they need to recover from the devastation that COVID-19 has wrought upon their business. An online survey is available for business owners of all types on the House GOP website until March 19.

As chairman of the House Republican Caucus’ Economic Recovery Task Force, Rep. Aaron Kaufer urged owners of businesses of all shapes and sizes from across the state to share their experiences. “We want your feedback, advice and ideas so we can facilitate a swift and robust economic recovery for the Commonwealth and our communities in 2021,” he said.

The short survey asks about respondents' business or industry, then invites feedback about challenges that the business is facing, the types of assistance that would be the most beneficial, the one state government action that would be the most likely to ensure future success, and additional ideas about the state's economic recovery.

Responses will be reviewed by the Policy Committee and Economic Recovery Task Force as they create new policies and initiatives.

“For far too long, our business owners have had no say in their own fate thanks to the unilateral actions taken by Gov. Tom Wolf. They’ve been told what they’re allowed to do and what they’re not allowed to do. When they’re allowed to do something, they’re told how they have to do it,” commented Rep. Martin Causer. “They make investments to comply with the directives and then the directives change. Enough is enough.”

Rep. Kerry Benninghoff, House Majority Leader, agreed with Rep. Causer's assessment: “This survey is about ensuring our business owners have the voice they deserve and, frankly, have earned through their commitments to taking care of their employees and trying to serve their communities in the midst of this pandemic. Working together, we can make Pennsylvania the ‘envy of the east’ when it comes to economic recovery.”

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