Quality journalism abounds in Northcentral Pa. as the Keystone Media Awards are presented to news organizations statewide

Harrisburg, Pa. – Relevance, integrity, initiative: these are the qualities the Keystone Media Awards – the premier awards for news media in the Commonwealth – recognizes in journalism.

The Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association (PNA) recently released the winners of 2021 Keystone Media Awards, a statewide journalism competition. Journalists from New York state judged nearly 2,600 entries from 117 Pennsylvania news organizations.

Morgan Snook, news editor/reporter for NorthcentralPa.com, earned first place in Division I for her news beat reporting on Lycoming County Courts. Division 1 consists of multi-day publications with a circulation of more than 50,000 readers.

"Instead of focusing on the accused, my coverage equally scrutinizes the actions of the police, prosecutors and defense attorneys. This reporting allowed the public to understand the inner workings of the local justice system – for better or worse," Snook wrote in the award submission.

Snook was judged on the following articles: Defense: Allenwood man charged with child pornography unwittingly clicked spam link; Lawsuit claims prison failed to treat injuries caused by officers' excessive force; Charges dropped against 1 of 5 in Linden group sexual assault case; Williamsport police officer exchanged sex for not filing charges: AG's office; Bail modified for Zeigler couple accused of child abuse; Prosecution to claim sexual frustration motive for Williamsport homicide

Other winners in the Division 1 category include the Philadelphia Inquirer, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Spotlight PA, PennLive/Patriot News, The Morning Call (Allentown), and LNP (Lancaster), among others.

Reporter/photographer for NorthcentralPa.com, Brett Crossley, also took a second place and honorable mention for his sports breaking news/event coverage with the Press Enterprise.

A citizen's access to factual, thorough, integrity-based journalism is crucial to the strength of a community. During the peak of the COVID-19 shutdown, reporters were categorized as essential workers.

Readers in Northcentral Pa. have access to quality journalism across the region, both in the free content published by NorthcentralPa.com, and in other news outlets that also garnered 2021 Keystone Awards.

Congratulations to the following news outlets in the region who also were honored with Keystone Media Awards:

Division I - Multi-day publications over 50,000 circulation

Spotlight PA

  • On going news coverage: Second Place; Angela Couloumbis, Ed Mahon, Charlotte Keith
  • News feature story: Honorable Mention; Joseph Darius Jaafari, Ryan Deto
  • Graphic Photo Illustration: First Place; Daniel Simmons-Ritchie, Rebecca Moss, Christopher Baxter

Division III - Multi-day publications over 10,000-19,999 circulation

Williamsport Sun-Gazette

The Daily Item

  • Editorial: Second Place; William Bowman
  • Sports/Outdoor Column: Second Place; John Zaktansky
  • Feature Story: Second Place; Francis Scarcella, Rob Inglis
  • Podcast: First Place; Kurt Ritzman, Todd Hummel, Dave Hilliard
  • Diversity: First Place; Eric Scicchitano, Rick Dandes, Justin Strawser

Centre Daily Times

  • Sports beat reporting: First Place; Parth Upadhyaya
  • Sports Feature Photo: Second Place; Abbey Drey
  • Sports Action Photo: First Place; Abbey Drey
  • Features Videos: First Place; Abbey Drey

Press Enterprise

  • Sports Feature Photo: First Place; Jimmy May
  • Sports Breaking News Coverage: First Place; Jimmy May, Dan Reilly, Marc Malkoskie
  • Sports Breaking News/Event Coverage: Second Place; Jimmy May, Marc Malkoskie, Brett Crossley, Dan Reilly
  • Sports Breaking News/Event Coverage: Honorable mention; Jimmy May, Justin Beiter, Brett Crossley, Arthur Dowell
  • News Event Photo: Second Place; Jimmy May
  • News Event Photo: Second Place; Jimmy May
  • News Event Photo: Honorable Mention; Jimmy May
  • Special Section: Honorable Mention; Shawn Stair, Shannon Flynn

Division IV - Multi-day publications Under 10,000 circulation

The Daily Review

  • Investigative Reporting: Honorable Mention; Brianne Ostrander
  • News Feature Story: Second Place; Brianne Ostrander
  • Sports Enterprise: Second Place; Brian Fees

Division V - Weekly general news publications over 6,000 circulation

The Centre County Gazette

  • Investigative Reporting: First Place; Vincent Corso
  • News Feature Story: Honorable Mention; Vincent Corso
  • Editorial: First Place; Bernie Oravec
  • News Page Design: First Place; Kerry Webster, Beth Wood, Mark Brackenberry
  • Sports Page Design: First Place; Kerry Webster, Beth Wood, Mark Brackenberry

Mountain Home

  • Sports/Outdoor Column: First Place; Kerry Gyekis
  • Sports/Outdoor Column: Second Place; Gayle Morrow
  • Feature Story: First Place; David O'Reilly
  • Personality Profile: Second Place; Michael Capuzzo
  • Feature Photo: Second Place; Bernadette Chiaramonte
  • Photo Story/Essay: Second Place; Gwen Button, Gayle Morrow
  • Headline Writing: Second Place; Staff

Division VI - Weekly general news publications under 6,000 circulation

The Wellsboro Gazette

  • Ongoing News Coverage: Second Place; Natalie Kennedy
  • News Feature Story: Second Place; Kelly Stemcosky
  • News Feature Story: Honorable Mention; Natalie Kennedy
  • Sports Outdoor Column: Second Place; Chris Espenshade
  • Personality Profile: Second Place; Kelly Stemcosky
  • Sports Feature Photo: Honorable Mention; Nicholas Coyle
  • Special Section: First Place; Natalie Kennedy, Tim McBride

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