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Metal and wood combine for 'unlimited' possibilities for welding business

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A portrait of Welding Unlimited staff on July 16, 2021 in front of their work building in Montoursville, Pa.


Montoursville, Pa. - Welding Unlimited specializes in welding and fabrication, offering an incredibly diverse menu of services that range from mom-and-pop repairs, to lawnmowers, lawn ornaments, chairs, all the way to large-scale projects with the gas industry.


A merger of metal and wood creates a unique sign for the PA Farm Show.

“Anything made with metal and wood, we find a way to put it together to make it unique," said Jacob Kreamer, owner of Welding Unlimited, 25 Reading Lane, Montoursville. "It’s definitely one of a kind!”

Kreamer, while working in the trades, comes from a creative and artistic background. After attending school as an art major, Kreamer now incorporates his love for art with his love for welding.

Eventually he started making custom artwork for clients, but most importantly, he said, for himself.

Traditional welding projects support the company's bottom line, but Kreamer's artistic endeavors allow him to be creative, and challenge the way he thinks about welding.

"There’s potential, unlimited potential, to do all kinds of crazy things,” said Carla Kreamer, co-owner of the business and Jacob's wife.

“He likes to challenge himself. He likes to push his skillset further and further.”

Kreamer's artistic mindset allows Welding Unlimited to diversify their portfolio, and allows for innovation in the field of welding, which is unique to the business. 

“Most people look at the world in black and white. He sees the world in Technicolor,” said Carla.

Since 2019, Welding Unlimited has grown exponentially.

Starting out in a two-car garage, they climbed their way up, pushing through hurdles like the coronavirus pandemic, to expand their business as much as they have.


Signs and fire pits are just two of many products Welding Unlimited makes. 

Their operations have expanded enough to take on projects that were never thought to be possible before, and there is almost nothing that Welding Unlimited will refuse to tackle, the Kreamers said.

According to them, they have hired skilled employees to help expand and diversify.

“Every time we set a goal, we reach it, and we set a new one,” affirmed Carla.

“I think that’s why it’s called Welding Unlimited. There’s really unlimited potential in all of our employees," she said.

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