"How may I help you?" Local favorite, Pat, ready to serve patrons at the completely new McDonalds on Lycoming Creek Road. Source: McDonalds Facebook page

Williamsport -- The McDonalds on Lycoming Creek Road, Williamsport is re-opening tomorrow after experiencing a complete re-build.


The new interior. Source: McDonalds Facebook page reported the closing on September 18, 2019. A demolition crew razed the site in preparation for a new restaurant. According to their Facebook page, a drive-through favorite, Pat, will be ready with her smile and headset to take orders once again. 


The McDonalds site in August after a crew demolished the old building. 

Readers online voiced their excitement:

“She's seriously the best I adore her sooo much,” 

“i can’t wait to see her!!!! makes my morning so much better” 

“I love Pat!!! Can’t wait till tomorrow. Welcome home Pat!!!”

Looks like some happy patrons will be making a stop--for more than a meal!