Laziza Phakwan Restaurant, 427 West Third St., Williamsport celebrates their grand opening on Tuesday, Nov. 19. NCPA staff photo

All-day lunch and dinner buffet at special prices to celebrate!

The Laziza Phakwan Restaurant celebrates their grand opening today, Tuesday, Nov. 19, featuring Pakistani, Indian, and American cuisine with a large menu offering authentic dishes.

Located at 427 West Third St. in Williamsport, the new restaruant’s dishes include beef, chicken, lamb, and seafood, as well as a wide selection of vegetarian dishes, and Tandoori breads baked fresh in a clay oven. “We wanted to offer this cuisine because it’s not available anywhere. The closest Indian restaurant is in State College,” said Amanda Basir, who owns Laziza Phakwan with her husband and chef Yousaf Basir.


The celebratory ribbon cutting with restaurant owners, employees, and the Wiliamsport Chamber of Commerce. From left to right: Kayla Petruskevich, friend; Shannon Kent, server; Amanda Basir, owner; Yousaf Basir, owner; Rashid Iqbal; and Jason Fink, president/CEO Williamsport Chamber of Commerce. NCPA staff photo

The couple from Williamsport own and operate Crown Fried Chicken (CFC) at 33 West Fourth St., and noticed that some of their dishes were popular, with customers asking for more Indian and Pakistani cuisine. 

Laziza Phakwan will offer a daily lunch buffet in addition to their regular menu. The buffet includes curries, Biryani, Nihari, ox tail, seafood, vegetable curry, burgers, and steak salads. The couple wanted to include traditional American cuisine to accommodate a variety of palates.

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Today is a special all-day buffet all day with a special price of $4.99 from 1-5 p.m., and $9.99 from 5-9 p.m.  


Lunch buffet is offered daily from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Photos provided