The Derr's dba Perfect2Perfect next sale is here! They are hosting a total inventory and business property liquidation down to the walls, at the Olde Barn Centre in Pennsdale, PA located at 1605 US-220, Muncy, PA 17756. It will be held Thur-Fri-Sat July 11-12-13, 2019. They will be open on Thursday and Friday from 8am 5pm and Saturday, they will be open from 8am-Noon. This will be complete liquidation of the owner and 5 retiring consignee vendors. Everything has been moved down to the first floor! This will be a sale you will remember for quite some time. The owner officially closed down at the end of March 2019 with most items being reduced by 20% for all remaining inventory. As you can imagine, there was still a lot of inventory and fixtures left at the building. We were asked to assist with a total liquidation and we were also asked to price everything to move! That is exactly what we have done and you will be amazed at the quality and the quantity of the remaining inventory and the extra low prices! Please do not inquire about the cost of individual items to either our company or the staff at the Olde Barn Centre.

You can combine a trip to the Lycoming County Fair with this special sale since both will be going on the same week! A special note to everyone that wants to shop, is the fact that our clients have agreed to pay the sales tax for you! That is like getting a 6% discount on day 1. On day 2 we will have prices discounted 25% from 8am-2pm at which time we will go 50% off, and on the 3rd day we will be discounted 50%.

In this sale you can expect to find greatly reduced prices on the remaining furniture including antique wash stands, hutches, tables and chairs, desks, rugs (both braided and wool rugs), quilts, crocks, Framed prints and paintings, storage shelving units, pantries, cabinets, Mirrors, linens, lamps of all types (hanging, table, and floor lamps, oil lamps and electrified oil lamps), we also have a huge selection of lamp shades for purchase as well.

In this sale we have a beautiful oak cabinet grandfather clock this is running fine, but will need to have the Westminster Chime switch fixed. It keeps time great and runs just fine otherwise.

There are a great selection of books to be purchased dealing with a variety of subjects including antique collecting and identifying as well as other subject matter.

There will be a large selection of glassware and fine porcelain pieces available in several rooms.

There is simply no way to list all the great items we have here so……We are going to let the photos do the talking about this sale! We really hope that you find this sale as tremendous as we do! Please see the photos and you can also view these photos on our listing for better individual photo viewing. Hope to see you at this great sale!

We want to also let you know that some friends of ours are going to be having a sale from 9am-3pm on Friday and Saturday, July 12 & 13, 2019 in Clarkstown. The address is 3373 Clarkstown Rd in Clarkstown. It is not a big sale, but you could stop by for some extra shopping while you are in this part of the county. They will be using our signs and tents, but it will not be us hosting the sale since we will busy at the Olde Barn Centre in Pennsdale!

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