The groundbreaking ceremony for a new Terminal was held Thursday at the Williamsport Regional Airport. 

From an earlier press release:

The Williamsport Municipal Airport Authority has announced that all financing and regulatory requirements for the new airline passenger terminal have been officially completed as of Monday, June 19. Construction of the $16,861,000, 30,000 square foot building is now set to begin in the next few weeks.

The long anticipated project will bring the airport "up-to-date with modern airport conveniences, such as a passenger loading bridge which will provide for more efficient movement of enplaning and deplaning passengers, particularly in inclement weather" said Thomas J. Hart, Airport Executive Director. He noted that the location of the new terminal will be immediately east of the present Air Traffic Control Tower, on the airport's north side. Hart, who has been the Executive Director since 1987, added that the new, one story terminal is of a very modern design that projects a "bright and airy, energy efficient structure". The building design has many new features such as a passenger baggage carousel, as well as seating for 200 passengers in the Transportation Safety Administration's "Secured Waiting Area” for outbound passengers that also includes comfort facilities. There will also be a lobby area for those waiting for arriving passengers.

Among the tenants in the new building will be a full service travel agency. Grab and go

food service in the lobby area will be provided by a vendor featuring light fare and drinks.