If you drive by 1130 Broad St. in Montoursville, do you smell smoke? Does your mouth water?

My and husband, Lou Kolb, and I stopped in for lunch at DJ's Smokehouse on Broad Street, Montoursville today and were very pleased with  the food.

The BBQ restaurant hosts 2 dining rooms and a bar area. The menu today featured two soups made on the premises, Ham & Bean, and Chicken Corn, both were delicious. See pictures for images of the menu.

We asked for a sampler tray with a taste of each of their sides and their barbequed chicken, pork, beef, sausage and ribs. Each table also gets a small bucket which contains ketchup and 4 other sauces to go with your meal. 

We found the meats to be nicely smoked and cooked, full of flavor and juicy inside. The side dishes of corn, coleslaw, macaroni salad, baked beans, potato salad, mac and cheese, and sweet potato were equally delicious. 

Front of house manager Candy Taylor said that the restaurant opened in July 2018.  

While Kitchen Manager Rob Miller currently works with several medium smokers out back of the restaurant, he says that a larger, commercial smoker may be in the future plans.

Overall, we enjoyed the food and friendliness of this restaurant.  

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