An image of a fake $20 bill. 

Wellsboro, Pa. -- Fake $20 bills have been detected in Wellsboro and the surrounding area. Counterfeit detection pens, which are normally used to determine if a bill is fake or not, do not work on these $20 bills.

According to the Wellsboro Chamber of Commerce, all of the fake bills have the same serial number: PH16258367 A. If you receive a $20 bill with this serial number, it is an indication that bill is most likely fake. 

The fake bills can be identified by holding the bill up to light and looking at the security strip and the picture of the president in the bottom right corner, according to the Wellsboro Chamber of Commerce.    

Rob Beiter, CEO of Beiter, Inc. has offered the following advice to employers and employees for detecting fake bills and what to do if they should find one: 

  • Have a manager double check the bill in question by holding up to the light to look for security strip and a picture of the president on the right side.
  • Do not give the money back to the individual.
  • Call 911 discretely to report receiving a fake bill and request an officer.
  • Do not confront the customer about the money. Instead, try to delay them by claiming there is “a register or computer problem.”
  • Let the authorities explain the situation to a customer, should the individual remain in the store. 
  • Do not handle the money any more than necessary. Place it in an envelope and make note of date, time, and the customer's info (if available).
  • If you receive a fake bill from a bank or merchant, do not accept it. Instead, ask them to report it immediately to authorities. If they do not, you should call the police to report it.   
  • Always check your cash for a security strip, which will appear when the bill is held up to the light. 
  • If you receive a fake bill, report it and do not pass it on. 

Further resources to help businesses and individuals identify fake bills are available online. 

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