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Starting in January 2020, the Arthaus Projects gallery space will be changing their exhibition schedule to feature four high-impact shows per year instead of the usual ten. In between exhibitions, the gallery will be transformed into a community space called the Williamsport Artisan Shop to keep it active during non-showcase months. The shop will contain original handmade items created by local artists, with prices under $350.

The decision to open the shop and change schedules was made after John Yogodzinski, the Executive Director of Arthaus Projects, considered events, comments, and reactions from both artists and the community at large. The gallery has been running with the same formula for eight years, and it seemed like an appropriate time to try something a little different.

Arthaus Projects staff measured attendance, sales, and community response to each exhibit in detail and found that group exhibitions like the annual juried art show tended to have more impact and excitement from the community than solo shows, with greater attendance and visitors taking more time examining each art piece. The complexities of organizing group shows led to the decision to hold four major exhibitions annually instead of the usual ten, with a "less is more" approach.

With the new Artisan Shop, selected artists will be given a section of the gallery to display their works (10 to 20 pieces, depending on size) which will be hung salon-style. Artists will receive 70 percent of the proceeds from each item sale, with the other 30 percent going to the gallery. Aside from the 30 percent commission fee, there is no charge for an artist to display and sell his or her work other than their cooperation in installing their area of the gallery and manning their space for a few hours per week. Artists interested in selling their work through the Artisan Shop can submit works for review to the Arthaus Projects website.

Arthaus Projects also plans on hosting artist-run classes and workshops in the gallery space. John McKaig, one of the gallery's artists, ran several drawing classes in March that drew several participants and were very well received. Proceeds from art classes will be split 50/50 between the artist and gallery. Instructors may submit ideas for classes to John Yogodzinski by email; those who have worked with the gallery or been successful at the Artisan Shop will be given preferential treatment for workshop plans.

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