A handful of PA Liquor stores board up doors and windows with direct-ship still an option for some

The Wine and Spirits store located in the Hepburn Plaza in downtown Williamsport sits empty after being boarded up Thursday morning due to safety concerned on March 19, 2020.

Williamsport — A trip to the local liquor store might look a little different than it did even 12 hours ago as multiple stores across the state board up windows and doors amid Coronavirus concerns.

Many who are staying informed knew liquor stores across the state would be closing their doors indefinitely Tuesday night at 9 p.m., but Thursday things looked a little more concerning as some local stores boarded up their windows and doors.

Messages started to fly through social media Thursday morning as the scene at each store looked more like hurricane prep than containment. Boards were posted up and no signs were left for customers hoping for information regarding a reopening.

“As of 5 p.m. Monday all orders through Wine and Spirits online site will no longer be taken,” PLCB spokesperson Elizabeth Brassell said. “We will be fulfilling all orders made before that time, but there will be no order fulfilled placed after that time.”

According to Brassell only about two dozen stores were boarded up with most being closed due to safety concerns for both residents and store owners. Grocery stores that sell beer and wine will not be prohibited from doing so, according to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.

“Large volume retailers will continue to be supplied,” Brassell said.

PLCB issued a statement regarding direct-shipped wine through its website stating:

“Pennsylvania residents may receive up to 36 cases (up to nine liters per case) per year of wine shipped by a win producer licensed by the PLCB as a direct win shipper. The 36-case annual limit is per direct win shipper and win may be shipped to home or business addresses.

Direct-shipped wine must be for personal use, and anyone who resells direct shipped wine is subjected to fines and criminal penalties.

Direct-shipped wine is subject to state and local sales tax and a $2.50 per gallon win excise tax.

Direct wine shippers are required to verify proof of age of recipient of the win prior to shipping. As of August 8, 2016, direct-shipped win need not be wines not otherwise available for sale by the PLCB.”

Brassells stressed that it is up to each individual seller if they wish to continue to ship wine and spirits. A link to the list stores along with the article can be found at www.lcb.pa.gov.