Jersey Shore Disaster Drill Held Last Week


JERSEY SHORE -,Preparing and coming together as a community was the plan for the drill at Jersey Shore Hospital last week. The hospital together with more than 40 local EMS, Fire, Jersey Shore Borough, Local police and volunteers participated in a mass causality drill.

Hospital disaster preparedness has taken on increased importance at local, state and federal levels. Hospitals themselves are taking renewed interest in disaster preparedness, reexamining their disaster plans and conducting disaster exercises. 

The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) actually requires hospitals to test their emergency plan twice a year, including at least one community‐wide drill.

The goal is to test the organization and operation of the Hospital Incident Command System as it integrates with the Incident Command System during response to mass casualty incident.

“When the drill was completed, we felt we had conducted an effective medical response to a mass casualty incident using the Hospital Emergency Response Plan”, said Toni Smith, Chief Quality Officer and Emergency Preparedness Coordinator of Jersey Shore Hospital.  “Even though this was a mock exercise, it was a real test of our ability to respond to an actual disaster.  We really appreciate the efforts and cooperation of everyone involved.”