Unity in the Community

The problems facing Williamsport are dire and they’re all connected. 

We have shootings.
We have Heroin overdoses.
People feel unsafe on the streets at night.
Our youth have a sense of hopelessness.

These are symptoms of a community of people who are hurting. And the local government’s argument is, “What can we do?” The local government can do a lot.

Our community and the Commonwealth is filled with resources that can help address these problems. There are governmental agencies our elected officials can work with to reinforce our safety. There are governmental organizations and nonprofit resources to address drug and crime, and to provide educational and recreational outlets for our youth. These programs are already in place and paid for by tax payers.

It’s up to our elected officials to utilize these resources wisely and collaboratively. That means, rolling up their sleeves, communicating and working together across party lines, to build relationships.vBecause the government, regardless of political party, is intricately involved in the quality of our lives. 

Government is a system that has been in place for more than 200 years. We can’t function without it. It’s an illusion that it is separate. 

Our government builds our roads. Our government subsidizes our hospitals. The water flows through showers, and the lights turn on because of government assistance.

Our elected officials are the custodians of these resources. We, the tax payers, elect them to be the caretakers of these resources, so yes, they are responsible for the quality of our lives.

People are hurting, and when you decide you make a choice as an elected official to stick to party lines and partisan bickering, you’re contributing to the destruction of our community.

We need our elected officials to work together creatively and solve these life-and-death issues we’re facing.

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