Fatal Fire in Wmspt early Sunday morning

A fatal fire in the 1000 block of Hepburn St. Williamsport, Pa apparently started just after Midnight early Sunday morning, July 13, 2014. 

The fire was soon declared a Second Alarm and many area fire departments were called to respond including Muncy, South Williamsport, Montoursville and Loyalsock units.

Out of the reported 4 people in the residence at the time of the fire, 2 people were injuried, 1 one those were taken to Lehigh Valley Hospital for treatment. 

One of the residents, Terra Foust Smith, 37 years old, from Williamsport, died from smoke and burns, according to Lycoming County Coronor, Charles Keissling. Ms. Smith was a local Realtor. 

The fire command was terminated around 3:30 AM Sunday morning. 

Eye witness report sent to us via Facebook:

Laura Walter
Jul 13th, 2:03pm
Fire on Hepburn Street in Williamsport details. My boyfriend Brett Wheeland discovered the fire while walking our dogs. At first he thought it was a large campfire but soon realized the house was engulfed starting up to the second story. He didn't have a phone so was running down the street screaming for someone to call 911 and help because there was a fire. Our friend Wes Smith was with us at the time and we ran to the house to see if anyone was inside while calling 911. At first no one seemed to be inside, then something in the backyard exploded and the fire became much larger. The windows blew out and someone stuck his head out of the second story. I yelled to Wes that we needed to help get him out, other people had started coming outside to see what the commotion was at this point. There was also a lady in the second floor they coaxed to jump out the window. Wes, Brett and a few other people (unknown to me) caught her and carried her off to safety. Someone showed up with a ladder as Wes was being boosted up on top of their porch trying to rip the window off to help the man escape. The ladder appeared and they tried to get the man out but couldn't and at that point the fire department showed up and a fireman climbed a ladder and pulled the man out and carried him down over his shoulder. At this point the fire department was there and took over the situation. These are the essentials to the story for the most part. We later learned the man's wife did not make it out. I believe she was in the back of the house which went up first.

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