Couple allegedly uses Heroin at WalMart then again at the Wmspt Hospital

According to Williamsport police reports Taryn L. Reeser and her boyfriend Kenneth W. Wilkinson were caught using heroin twice yesterday (Wednesday), once at the Montoursville Walmart and then later at the Williamsport Medical Center.

Montoursville Police officer Jason Bentley responded to a call at Walmart at about 2:50 PM Wednesday afternoon. He reportedly encountered Wilkinson and Reeser in the store. Bentley reported that Wilkinson passed out from heroin ingestion so he was transported to the Williamsport Hospital via ambulance. The police report states that 28 wax paper baggies stamped "Victory" containing heroin, some empty baggies and a syringe were found in Wilkinson's possesion.

Reeser was arrested and taken to Montoursville Police headquarters were she was searched but then passed out from heroin ingestion also. She was then transported to the Williamsport Hospital ER. 

ER staff stated that Reeser was very uncooperative while being treated. Apparently she refused to let staff examine her underwear or genital region. Both Reeser and Wilkinson were discharged after being treated. They went into a restroom in the ER where Reeser and Wilkinson allegedly again ingested heroin.  When Reeser was found this time she reportedly had  32 wax baggies of heroin and a syringe on her, near her genital area. 

They are currently both in custody.

We asked Montoursville PD why the two people would have been released from the ER the first time, here is their full response:

If the suspects are not from out of state or being charged with a felony then they are free to go once we are done.

We have to file the charges with the district magistrate and then his office mails a summons to those being charged. We do not have a choice. They are PA residents and are being charged with drug possession, possession of drug paraphernalia, resisting arrest, public intoxication and disorderly conduct. None of which are felonies.

I checked with probation officers and they are not on probation so I could not put them in prison on a detainer for a violation of parole/probation.

Once the hospital releases them I can no longer place them in prison as "unfit". This if for people who or too drunk or drugged to appear safely in public and without causing annoyance or alarm to other people. When they used heroin the second time, they were not in need of medical attention so they were placed in prison as "unfit". That is what I was told by the Williamsport Police. Then they have to be taken to see the Judge the next day when they are sober.


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