Police report various incidents

March 20, 2014

Pennsylvania State Police Department Montoursville reported the following:

Mar. 18, Police reported that Chesney Wheeler, 35, of Williamsport, stole several items from TJ Maxx on E. Third Street. Wheeler put several items into her purse and attempted to leave the store without paying. Charges have been filed. 

7 to 10 p.m. Mar. 18, Police reported that unknown actors damaged a mailbox belonging to Patricia Kepner of 1430 Cemetery Road, Fairfield Township. Anyone with information regarding the actor is asked to contact PSP Montoursville at 570-368-5700. 

10:45 p.m. Mar. 18, Police reported that Jordan Sheets, 23, of Hughesville, jumped onto the hood of a vehicle belonging to Leonard Calaman, 27, of Dushore, denting the vehicle and causing an estimated $400 in damage.