Tragic Accident kills 80 yr old Montgomery woman

February 9, 2014

Saturday morning, February 9, 2014, medical personel were called to the 600 block of Cemetary Hill Road in Clinton Township near Montgomery, Pa. for a "Pedestrian struck by a vehicle". Personel quickly called to check the availabiliy of Life Flight (4 minutes away by air) and the Watsontown based MICU ambulance (Mobile Intesive Care Unit). A trauma alert was declared soon after the medical crew arrived on the scene, then the radio scanner went quiet.  Life Flight was told to stand down.

Lycoming County Coroner Charles E. Kiessling  replied to our Saturday email with confirmation that the accident resulted in a fatality.  Mary Buck, 80 years old, of Cemetery Hill Road, Montgomery died Saturday morning. She apparently slipped on ice and fell under an oil fuel truck as it pulled away after just fueling her home. 

Lycoming County Deputy Coroner went to the scene for the call. No further details were available.