Police investigate drug ring

According to police, a group of college students studying in Wiliamsport had pounds of marijuana shipped from sources in California, Arizona and Oregon via the US mail. Packages of marijuana were shipped to various locations in Lycoming and Montour County. Money was shiopped back to the marijuana sources. Suspects were paying upwards of $5000 per pound and had over 1000 puonds of marijuana shipped. 

The suspects are: Ross Weaver, 24, of Glendale, AZ; Dustin Runyon, 23, of Glendale, AZ; Collin Hawley, 24, of State College; Niles Devinney, 22, of Pittsburgh; Conard Carpenter, 28, of Williamsport; Victoria Dawes, 24, of Williamsport; Colin Cummings, 20, of Denver, CO; Todd Casey, 29, unknown location; Matthew Kutz, 24, of Williamsport; Jeffery Kirkland, 24, of Oregon; Tatiana Kohler, 20, of Williamsport; Thomas Stark, 22, of Williamsport; Todd Chilcot, 25, of Montoursville. 

Law enforcement members from the Pennsylvania State Police, Attorney General's Office, Williamsport Police Department and FBI assisted with the two year investigation into the marijuana distribution. Numerous controlled purchases of marijuana were done with several of the aforementioned defendants. Several search warrants were executed in multiple counties in Pennsylvania along with interdiction of money and marijuana parcels being sent via the mail. 

The investigation was presented to the 36th Statewide Grand Jury with presentments obtained on the aforementioned individuals with arrest warrants being executed on Jan. 29. 

The following were arraigned in front of Magistrate District Judge Gary Whiteman and received the following bail:

Kutz, $500,000; Hawley $250,000; Stark, $200,000; Carpenter, $50,000; Dawes, $50,000; Chilcot, $500,000; Kohler, $5,000. 

Runyon and Weaver were incarcerated in Arizona. 

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