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Pennsylvania State Police Department Montoursville reported the following incidents:

Dec. 16, Police reported that Frank Allen, 38, of Hughesville stole a credit card belonging to Kathy George, 64, of Hughesville, while visiting her residence. Once Allen had posession of the card, he and Deanna Allen, 38, of Hughesville, made multiple withdrawls from George's bank account. Deanna Allen also knew the card was stolen at the time the fradulent transactions were made. Multiple misdemeanor charges have been filed against Frank and Deanna Allen. 

Dec. 20 to Dec. 23, Police reported that an unknown actor attained the bank account information belonging to Gary Rosato, 64, of Cogan Station, created a counterfeit check, forging the victim's signature, and cashed two checks totaling $2,875. Anyone with information pertaining to this investigation is encouraged to contact PSP Montoursville at 570-368-5700. 

Dec. 28 to Dec. 29, Police reported that an unknown actor stole several items from the propety of Powerplant Technologies, Inc., in Williamsport. The actor cut locks off the rear door of an enclosed utility trailer and from a storage shed. A total of $2,853.30 in metal items was stolen from the property. Dale Reeder, 42, of Williamsport, attempted to sell the metal items at the Stalman's Recycling Corp. the following morning. Charges were filed. 

Jan 3 to Jan. 6, Police reported that Gary Davis, 63, of Tulsa, OK, shipped property to an address he was staying at located on Fairview Road. Davis stated that he was expecting the package to be delivered on Jan. 6 and called and questiong UPS when he did not receive his package at the end of the day. UPS related to him that the package was delivered early on Jan. 3 att the bottom of his driveway by his mailbox due to the driveway being too icy. The package has since gone missing. 

Jan. 4 to Jan. 6, Police reported that an unknown person attempted entry through the back door of the Family Health care facility at Susquhanna Health Systems in Loyalsock Township. Entry was not made, but approximately $500 of damage was done to the door. 

6:55 p.m. Jan. 8, Police reported that Patricia Day, 56, of Loyalsock Township, and her sister Susan Day, 56, of Loyalsock Township, got into an argument at their residence in regards to dinner plans. Patricia went to her neighbor's residence, which is the second half of the duplex that the sisters inhabit. Patricia was then accompanied by her neighbor, Linda Williams, 56, of Loyalsock, back to her residence where they found Susan in the family room of the residence with a handgun to her head. While holding the gun to her head, Susan stated several times to Williams and her sister that the gun was "locked and loaded". williams and Patricia were able to talk Susan into putting the gun down on a coffee table in front of her. As Susan placed the gun down, it discharged a round into the wall that is shared by the occupants ofthe duplex. After the shot was fired, the gun was collected by Patricia and placed in her car without further incident. It was also determined that Susan was under the influence of alcohol during the incident. 

11:50 a.m. Jan. 9, Police reported that a crash occurred as a vehicle driven by Jody Earl, 38, of Montoursville, was traveling west in the right lane of E. Third St. A vehicle driven by Bernice Hockman, 80, of Williamsport, was in the intersection of E. Third Street waiting to turn left into the Kmart Plaza. Hockman's vehicle turned left in front of the path of travel of Earl's vehicle, causing the two to collide. Neither driver was injured. Hockman will be cited for Vehicle Turning Left.  

12:15 to 12:20 p.m. Jan. 9, Police reported that Johnathan Taylor, 19, of Hughesville, left a message threatening to knock out Troy Lawson, 45, of Williamsport. Taylor was cited with harassment. 

7:50 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Jan. 10, Police reported that an unknown actor entered the residence of Danny Pfirman, 65, of Woodward Township, by force and then stole various items from the residence. The incident is currently under investigation. Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact PSP Montoursville at 570-368-5700. 

8 a.m. Jan. 10, Police reported that a crash occurred as a vehicle driven by Richard Mercendetti, 61, of Rochester, NY, was traveling north on State Route 15. The vehicle lost control and struck the guard rail between the north and south bound lanes. Mercendetti was cited appropriately. 

8:25 a.m. Jan. 10, Police reported that a one-vehicle crash occurred as a vehicle driven by Dennis Atkinson, 58, of Trout Run, was traveling north on US 15 North in the right lane. The vehicle travled across a bridge and began to rotate counterclockwise. The vehicle traveled across the left lane, grass median and across both lanes of US 15 South. The vehicle struck the rock embankment off of the western berm of the roadway. Atkinson was not injured as a result of the crash. 

9:12 a.m. Jan. 10, Police reported that a crash occurred as a vehicle driven by Lee Mix, 54, of Lock Haven, was traveling south on Brouse Road. A vehicle driven by Richard Boyles, 46, of Williamsport, was traveling north on the same roadway. As Mix's vehicle attempted to negotiate a right curve, it crossed over into the north bound lane of travel and Boyles's vehicle struck Mix's vehicle. Mix will be cited for a violation of Roadways Laned for Traffic. 

5:30 p.m. Jan. 10, Police reported that Angela Mclain, 32, of Muncy, attempted to conceal merchandise from Kmart and leave the store without paying. Loss Prevention personnel observed Mclain concealing the items and took her into custody when she attempted to leave the store. Police were called to the scene. Charges have been filed. 

6:10 a.m. Jan. 11, Police reported that a crash occurred on State Route 442. A vehicle driven by Alexander Carmer, 20, of Unityville, was headed north, coming out of a right hand curve. The vehicle started to slide on the icy roadway, sliding across the south bound lane while rotating in a counter clockwise direction. The vehicle's front end struck an embankment, then came back across the south bound lane and came to final rest in the northbound lane facing north. 

9:14 a.m. Jan. 11, Police reported that a crash occurred as a vehicle driven by Ryan Clayton, 16, of Unityville, was traveling west bound on State Route 118. The vehicle was negotiating a right hand curve when it slid on the ice covered roadway. The vehicle traveled across the east bound lane of the highway and struck the guiderail with its front end. The vehicle continued west in the east bound lane and went off the left hand side of the roadway, striking the guidrail again. Clayton was wearing a seatbelt and not injured. He will be cited for with VC 3361 Driving Vehicle At Safe Speed. 

11:12 a.m. Jan . 11, Police reported that a crash occurred as a vehicle driven by Jamie Reynolds, 31, of Linden, was traveling west on E. New Road in the right hand lane. The vehicle lost control, traveling across the east bound lane and causing it to strike a ditch. The vehicle continued to travel west and struck an embankment, causing it to roll onto the passenger side. Reynolds was wearing her seatbelt and not injured. She was cited for Driving Vehicle At Safe Speed.

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