Police release details on Dec. 28 shooting

December 29, 2013

On Dec. 28 at 6:13 p.m., officers of the Williamsport Bureau of Police were dispatched to 920 Penn St. when Pamela Confer called 911 and advised the dispatcher that Jeffery Stiber had pointed a shotgun at the head of his estranged wife, Kelli Stiber, and told her that he was "going to kill her". 

Confer could hear Kelli Stiber yell at her husband, telling him not to point the gun at her face. Kelli Stiber was able to get way from Jeffrey Stiber and retreated to the upstairs bedroom where she and Confer secured themselves and barricaded the door. 

Jefferey Stiber had previously obtained a shotgun from his bedroom, loading it outside of the bedroom of Kelli Stiber and Confer, telling them they had to leave the residence at once or "I will kill you both." Kelli Stiber attempted to talk with Jefferey Stiber and tell him that they were willing to leave. She had gone back upstairs to get clothing and confer, but Jefferey Stiber began to threaten them again. 

He then made several attempts to enter the room by pounding and kicking the door. He gave the two women an ultimatum, telling them that he was going to count to five and shoot through the door. When he reached one, he began to kick and pound on the door again. Both Confer and Kelli Stiber stated that they thought Jefferey Stiber was going to kill them. 

Jefferey Stiber emerged from the back door of the home, firing a round into the air from his shotgun. He was confronted by Officer Thomas Bortz and orded to drop the weapon. Stiber did not listen and began to level the shotgun in the direction of Officer Bortz. 

Jefferey Stiber was fired upon by police after he continued advancing toward them and was struck once. Stiber was then treated by medics from Susquehanna Health. He is currently being treated for a non life-threatening wound and will face numerous criminal charges including aggravated assault, assault of a law enforcement officer and recklessly endangering another person by the Williamsport Bureau of Police.