An Early Holiday Gift to Anglers: PA's Best Fishing Waters

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) has released a list of waters which comprises its newly established Pennsylvania’s Best Fishing Waters program. The program highlights the state’s best fishing locations for species such as trout, largemouth and smallmouth bass, bullhead and channel catfish, panfish (yellow perch, crappie, bluegill and pumpkinseed), muskellunge, striped bass and striped bass hybrid, and walleye.

The Commonwealth’s waters have always provided outstanding fishing opportunities for a wide variety of popular fish species. While these species are distributed and available throughout Pennsylvania, some waters are superior to others in their ability to provide better fishing experiences. In the past, when anglers had more free time to investigate individual waters, through trial and error, they discovered which waters provided better fishing. With free time being at a premium, everyone has less time to weed out the less productive waters and search for ways to increase their fishing success. Pennsylvania’s Best Fishing Waters is a program intended to serve as a valuable reference as anglers plan their fishing trips.

John Arway, PFBC Executive Director, stated, “Commission staff strive to provide the very best for Pennsylvania’s anglers. Through recognizing which waters provide the highest catch rates, combined with widely available public access, we know anglers and boaters are receiving the best recommendations that’ll help them ensure more successful trips and memorable experiences.”

From the vast selection of Pennsylvania waters, PFBC’s Division of Fisheries Management has spearheaded the program with its staff by evaluating these waters to ensure that anglers are fishing high-quality fisheries which can support an increase in use without jeopardizing the physical and environmental conditions of the waterway.

“This program provides an opportunity for Fisheries Management personnel to be the ‘face’ of the PFBC with their recommended waters and provide a bond of expertise with PFBC customers,” said Dave Miko, chief of the Division of Fisheries Management. “The fisheries managers from across the Commonwealth are excited that they are able to share the positive examples of their efforts to provide high-quality angling opportunities with the angling public in this new program.”

Another benefit with this program is the added convenience. In studies examining ways to increase public participation in fishing, increasing the convenience and ease-of-access for anglers were critical factors. While it’s no secret that fishing in Pennsylvania is a great value and tradition, the Commission also wants the destinations of the state’s top fishing spots not to be a secret.

To review Pennsylvania’s Best Fishing Waters, visit As the holidays are a great time for receiving a new fishing rod and tackle as gifts, we hope that anglers share the gift of this waters selection as a way of planning your next fishing trip in 2013.

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