Williamsport Area School District Board Candidates for May 16 Primary



WILLIAMSPORT -- There are five seats available for Williamsport Area School District Board of Directors for the 2017 election, with the primary on May 16.  Board incumbents who are running include:

  • Dr. Nancy Story Somers (Cross-filed as Democrat and Republican)
  • Dr. Jane Penman (Cross-filed)
  • Dr. Robin Knauth (Cross-filed)
  • Spencer Sweeting (Cross-filed)
  • Scott R. Williams is an incumbent and is running as a write-in

Williamsport Area School District Board of Directors Website and Info - http://www.wasd.org/domain/62


Others running for a seat on the WASD Board of Directors include:

Adam C. Welteroth (Republican)

Marc Shefsky (Republican)

Chuck Black (Democrat)

Please state your full name:  

My Name is Chuck Black.

How long have you lived in this political district (area) ?

            4 years

 What office am I running for?

I am running for the office of Williamsport Area School Board.

 What responsibilities does a person in that position have?

            School Boards have several different responsibilities. They vote on policies, adopt the budget, handle issues, and more.

 What experiences do I have that prepare me for this office?

            I was appointed by Governor Tom Wolf to the Council of Trustees for Shippensburg University which runs like a School Board. I also have worked in Before and After School programs for the past three years where I have worked with students and families from many of our schools.

 Several issues that I want to address if elected are.....

            Perception –We need to increase our positive marketing to showcase all of the great things going on in our district. No taxpayer should ever say that they do not want to send their child to Williamsport, and we need to fix the underlying problems that have caused some people to feel that way about the district.

             Budget – I am very concerned about the deficit of $1,768,039. This needs to be addressed, and is not something we can kick down the road. We have to ask the tough questions, engage the community, and assess all aspects of the budget.

             Presence – I understand this is a volunteer position, but I will be as present of a Board Member as possible. It is important for Board Members to attend events within the District, and be an active leader in the community.

 Why should people vote for me?

People should vote for me because I am a fresh perspective who understands what many of the district residents go through. I know what it is like to live paycheck to paycheck, and I understand that what may be seen as a small tax or fee increase to one person can be huge to someone else.

 Any other comments

          I am not running to run against anyone, but to be an alternative to the status quo. This year we have a unique situation of four incumbents and three challengers seeking five seats.






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