Dylan's Crazy Month!

March 1, 2014

  Hey guys this month has been crazyyyy! It's been full of highs and lows and really has been a roller coaster! First off I dislocated my shoulder which is by far the worst pain I've ever felt! I did that playing soccer for my indoor team. So So I went to see the doctor and he popped it back in and said in a week I'd be ok. So a week came and I was back to normal stuff and started baseball. I had a follow up with the orthopedic doctor and he said I was cleared to go back and play soccer so that's what I did! And I got through the first half and then in the second half I dove for a ball and popped my shoulder out again! It was MUCH more painful this time, and now I'm being told I will most likely need surgery...greatttt! Well enough with the negatives. So about 3 weeks ago I submitted an application to try out for the team USA bobsled team, and guess what....I got the tryout so I started to train for it, but as you can imagine the dislocated shoulder is making things hard so I decided to just try out next summer! And also I finally got accepted to college! Well, kinda... I have to interview for a program that makes me move in early and take college prep classes and if I do good in the interview then I'm in. Good news tho my admissions counselor said I should be golden so we will wish me luck guys! I know your thinking wow that's a lot but that's how crazy this month has been!