Halfway there

January 27, 2014

Hello Pennsylvania 4-H!

Wow I cannot believe it is already January! That also means I am halfway through my term as your Vice President of internal affairs. I amazed at all the experiences I have had and cannot wait for all the others to come! This month has been crazy from farm show right into mid terms then back to State Leadership Conference! Not to mention in my county 4-h club meetings have started again.
Farm Show was then first event and since I love to show my experiences through pictures......

Opening Ceremonies for the PA Farm Show
  Showing my chicken Angus at the PA Farm show 

The next event was State Leadership Conference......

                                                             Friday Night Neon Dance
 Nate putting his birthday cake in Dylans face for not eating it  Helping Katina with her SLC workshop by being makeup models for boys with Megan  Having Ben Glenn as our Saturday Night Keynote speaker  Meeting Cody and Rachel from the Kentucky State Officer Team  

Being on PA 4-H has been an amazing experience and I cannot wait for what is coming next!

Forever 4-H,
Alexandra Adams
2013-2014 Pennsylvania 4-H State Council Vice President of Internal Affairs