Statement on Proposal to Reform Public Assistance in Pennsylvania

January 9, 2014

Senator Joe Scarnati (R-Jefferson) issued the following statement regarding his proposal to help prevent welfare abuse in Pennsylvania.

Today I have joined my colleague Senator Argall in circulating a co-sponsorship memo  for legislation we intend to introduce which would strengthen the integrity of Pennsylvania’s public welfare system, while ensuring those with genuine need continue to receive the assistance and resources for which they are eligible.

Pennsylvania taxpayers deserve to know that their tax dollars are being invested wisely and that state funds for public assistance programs are being given to those who truly have a need.

As our economy continues to recover, it is imperative that we utilize our state’s limited resources in a responsible manner.  Our comprehensive legislation will be aimed at ensuring that only our citizens who are legitimately requiring assistance receive welfare benefits.


Casey Long
(717) 787-7084