Healthy Intimacy

February 20, 2013

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Healthy Intimacy


Healthy intimacy is a primal need. We desire to be accepted at our core levels. When a couple rejects each other at their core level it is challenging to have a healthy relationship and to make the rest of the relationship successful.

In marriages, it is an important first step to recognize your compatibility as a couple and build from this point.

Over the years, we have been taught to override these primal instincts for security, for power, for money, for social status and even staying married for the children’s sake.

These decisions are not wrong, but how do you find peace with your decisions? Can you still experience joy?

Overriding our most primal nature creates conditions that result in affairs, domestic violence, sexless marriages, addictions, depression and illness. Everything appears right, but something is missing. This usually means your primal needs are not being met in your union.

“Man cannot live without joy, therefore when he is deprived of true spiritual joy it is necessary that he become addicted to carnal pleasures. “

St Thomas Aquinas




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