Travel Buddy of the Week: Moroccan Children's Trust

December 31, 1969

Congratulations to the Moroccan Children's Trust, our Travel Buddy of the Week!

Based in Taroudannt, Southern Morocco, the Moroccan Children's Trust aims to create a sustainable community for its children. Volunteer programs include working with the Lalla Amina Orphanage, development research, and assisting in a pre-school, among others. Those who volunteer with the Moroccan Children's Trust become members of the Taroudannt community from the moment they arrive. Through Arabic language classes and activity planning to excursions across Morocco and meeting local friends, volunteers gain an understanding of Moroccan culture and community building.

The minimum commitment is two months, and three and six month assignments are available. The program cost is  £1172 and upwards depending on the desired length of stay. It is encouraged that those with French and/or Arabic language skills apply. Additionally, volunteers are provided full room and board, and have the opportunity to stay with a host family. If you are passionate about socio-economic development and cross-cultural understanding, the Moroccan Children's Trust is looking for you!
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