The drive for artificial turf has begun

April 23, 2012
By Justin Ossont
Lycourier Staff

The Lycoming College football field has seen been played upon for so long a change is needed. So the football program has begun a fundraising event to help raise the 1.1 million dollars required to begin the rebuilding process.  The reason for the change to turf is that the field has seen a great of damage due to the physical play of the game as well as the weather causes the field to become very muddy on game days.

 Lycoming college football has been known for various accolades for being one of the prestigious football teams of the NCAA Division III section.  The numbers speak for themselves, 55 All-Americans, 12 appearances in the national tournament, 14 MAC titles, and 2 appearances in the NCAA Division III national title game.

 Lycoming College is one of only two schools in the MAC football division that still has grass as the football teams playing surface.  The other school is Delaware Valley College in Doylestown.

 “Many high school student-athletes are playing on artificial turf and astro turf for today’s game and we think that with a turf field we could help our recruitment,” Head Football Coach Mike Clark said.

 Along with the field getting redone the project is aiming to build a statue to honor legendary football coach Frank Girardi.  Girardi has been one of the biggest people to help drive the turf campaign; the other has been long time assistant coach and former player Steve Wiser.  Both men have huge ties to both the program and the community. 

“This is one last time that you can suit up for Lycoming and help out the Warriors by donating to the drive for turf,” Wiser said.

 According to the Monday update on the school’s website, the project has raised $725,000 toward the project. Donations are coming in every day.  The goal is to have the field finished for the 2012-2013 season.

 Few details have been revealed about how the field will look but sketches have been made.  This seasons’ recruitment also centered on the fact the field was going to be redone. The sketches show the field with turf and the end zones inscribed with “Lycoming” and one with “Warriors”. Details about the center field are not available.

 The advantages of having a turf field is that it will help with space for practice, improve the football atmosphere, and it will be available for all-season use.  When it rains during a Lycoming College football game the Warriors will not have to worry about ripping up grass heading for the end zone to score a touchdown.