LEAF plans kayaking

April 4, 2012

By Cassandra Mainiero
Lycourier Staff

Although summer break is still a few weeks away, no one can deny that the recent warm weather was nice.
In fact, many students spent last week on the quad either studying for tests, playing sports, or catching up with friends between classes.

 However, those who were looking for a new way to get away from the books for a while and celebrate the good weather before summer starts, L.E.A.F. offered a perfect  a perfect solution. Unfortunately it was canceled because of inclement weather.

Lycoming’s Environmental Awareness Foundation plans to reschedule the opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy the weather by hosting a one-day kayaking trip to Pine Creek, just west of here. The initial trip for 16 Lycoming students was scheduled last week.

It included a free lunch and all the necessary equipment for kayaking. Kayaking experience is not necessary in order to join the trip.

The trip will be hosted by Pine Creek’s kayaking tour guide Brad Budd, owner of Bubba’s Canoes, who will explain the proper way to kayak and all necessary safety precautions before the group departed. The students will then paddle 12 miles from Waterville to Slate Run.

 “The trip should be relaxing,” Lauren Donkochik, L.E.A.F.’s treasurer, who has a big part in organizing the kayaking trip, said.

Lycoming’s L.E.A.F club, with junior Alyssa Tomaskovic, president, and Chelsea Brewer, vice president, is an organization that focuses on preserving the beauty of Earth and enjoying the treasures nature has to offer.

L.E.A.F. also hopes that by promoting this type of environmental awareness and service within the community, students will want to become involved with making Lycoming College eco-friendly.
It is the first year that L.E.A.F is offering kayaking as an event.

“We want to allow students, to experience the beauty of nature,” Donkochik said, adding “I think we will enjoy ourselves.”

In addition to being a great way to enjoy nature, kayaking is also an extremely fun exercise.

According to www.fitnessforweightloss.com  just 30 minutes of kayaking can burn about an estimated 180 to 475 calories, depending on how fast a person paddles and how much that persons weighs.

L.E.A.F. hopes to make the kayaking trip an annual offer to all Lycoming students.

If L.E.A.F. provides such an opportunity again, interested students should keep an eye out for similar campus wide emails and fliers that were distributed this semester.

A $15 fee was charged. All students who registered for the trip received a refund.  

L.E.A.F is offering a variety of fun activities including rock climbing and a ‘trashin show,” showcasing clothing designs crafted from recycled products.

Both events will be open to any students who may want learn more about the environment or just L.E.A.F.
After all, as Donkochik said, L.E.A.F. is always “happy to greet new members!”