Emergency Alert System To Be Tested

February 28, 2012

MANSFIELD, PA—Mansfield University will test its emergency action plan with a drill during the week of March 5
The drill will include activation of the campus emergency notification plan, including the university carillon system allowing people who are outside to hear a broadcast message, and the securing of all university buildings.
The carillon system can be heard in the Borough of Mansfield.
In addition to the carillon system, test notifications will be sent by email to all students, faculty and staff on their campus email account and by text message to the cell phones of students, faculty and staff who have subscribed to the emergency notification system.
There will also be an “Emergency Alert” message on the university website homepage, a message on the campus emergency phone line, a message on the university in-house TV channel and a message will be sent to all computers logged on to the university system.
For more information on MU’s emergency planning and procedures, check online at mansfield.edu/environmental-health-safety/