Road Closures

September 9, 2011

Road closure updates as of 4:30 p.m.   9/22/11.

Flood-Damaged State Roads in North Central PA (Updates since last advisory denoted with **)

Roads with known longer-term bridge closures on them start as ****. They will remain closed until repaired or replaced, depending on the extent of flood damage. In addition, many of the closed roads will require extensive repairs before they are safe to reopen. (detours listed)

Montoursville - The following state highways are closed in north central PA due to flood damage:

Columbia County
SR 487 - closure shortened; closed now from south of Southern Columbia School at Hemlock Road to Knoebel's Parkway in Northumberland County, local traffic only between Hemlock Road and entrance to J&D Campground at Krick Road, (detour - SRs 42, 11, 54); SR 1007 (Stony Brook Road) in Orange Township, closed between both intersections with SR 487 for flood repairs; SR 1010 (Hosler Road/Eckrote Road) in North Centre Township from Cabin Run Road to Shelhamer Road; SR 1020 (Winding Road) in Fishing Creek Township, from Asbury Road to Harrison Road; SR 4008 (Back Branch Road) in Lightstreet from Oman Road to Main Street; ****SR 4009 (Millville Road/Iron Street) from SR 4008 (Millertown Road) to Main Street/SR 11 in the Town of Bloomsburg, truss bridge out of service; ****SR 4013 (Whites Church Road) in Mount Pleasant Township at Mount Pleasant Road and Back-Branch Road, bridge out; SR 4020 (Green Creek Road) in Orange Township from Mount Pleasant Road to Bowmans Mill Road; SR 4034 (Charmund Road/Mount Pleasant Road) in Orange Township from SR 487 to Sandy Stone Drive; SR 4049 (Elk Grove Road) in Sugarloaf Township, from Spring Street in Central to the Sullivan County line;

Lycoming County
SR 87 from SR 973 at Loyalsockville to SR 3005 (Ogdonia Road) in Sullivan County, open to local traffic only while emergency repairs continue; ****SR 973 in Eldred Township, from Yeagle Road to SR 87, Slabtown Bridge out of service just west of SR 87 (detour - Warrensville Road, Broad Street and Loyalsock Ave. in Montoursville, SR 87); SR 1003 (Wallis Run Road) from SR 973 at Slabtown to Murray Run Road in Gamble Township; SR 1004 (Southard Road/Field Station Road/Beech Valley Road) from SR 14 to Rose Valley Road; SR 1005 (Lower Barbours Road) in Plunketts Creek Township, from SR 87 to SR 1007 (Dunwoody Road); ****SR 1006 (Slacks Run Road) in Cascade Township between Flanagan Hill Road and Matthews Road, bridge out (detour - Flannigan Road and Rose Valley Road); ****SR 1013 (state-owned bridge on Masten Road in McNett Township) from Pleasant Stream Road to Mcilwain Road in Mcnett Township; SR 2055 (Chippewa Road) in Muncy Creek Township, from SR 405 to East Lime Bluff Road; ****SR 2085 (Edkin Hill Road) from SR 220 in Penn Township to the Sullivan County line, bridge out of service just north of SR 220 (detour - SR 220 and SR 3001 in Sullivan County);

Montour County

Northumberland County
SR 2016 (Reading Turnpike RD) from SR 61 in Shamokin Township to SR 2018 in Ralpho Township; SR 4026 (Irish Valley Road) in Shamokin Township, from Route 61 to Schoolhouse Road;

Snyder County

Sullivan County
SR 87 from SR 3005 (Ogdonia Road) to SR 973 at Loyalsockville in Lycoming County, emergency repairs continue in this section -bridges impacted in Hillsgrove Township; SR 154 from SR 87 at Forksville Borough to SR 3009 (Worlds End Road) in Forks Township; SR 487 in Colley Township from Main Street to Pidgeon Road (bridge out at Lopez) (detour - SRs 118, 42, 220, 87); ****SR 2002 (Nordmont Road) in Davidson Township, between Brown Hill Road and Long Brook Road, bridge out of service about two miles east of Sonestown, road closed for grading/emergency restoration; SR 2008 (Christian Camp Road) from both intersections with Hunters Road in Laporte and Davidson townships;

Union County

Here is a link to pictures of some of the road and bridge damage done by the flooding from Tropical Storm Lee, courtesy of PennDOT District 3-0.