Big Decisions

January 15, 2010

President Barack Obama has been struggling for some time with how to handle our involvement in Afghanistan. Should we send more forces or try to find other ways of dealing with the problem? It is a difficult decision because it has long range consequences.

President Obama wisely sought advice from as many sources as he could find. Most of us are happy that we don’t have to make such weighty decisions. However, those of us who raised children remember the many times in our lives when we had to make decisions that were very difficult. The adolescent years are particularly challenging. There were days when we had to decide whether to use tough love or gentle love and it wasn’t always easy.

Those of us on Christ’s Team found many sources of help in our churches. We were encouraged to pray for God’s wisdom and guidance and we did. We used the wisdom of the Bible to illuminate the path. Our churches provided literature about raising children in a Christian environment that was very helpful. We also found friends struggling with the same problems who shared what they had learned and provided support. The results of the difficult decisions we make in life are often not known until many years later. Our daughters now have adolescent or adult children of their own.

We are very blessed. Family gatherings are happy occasions that everyone looks forward to.

Peace is found in prayer,
Robert C. Frank