Heidi's Monkeys to be Performed at Pajama Factory

 The Halloween thriller Heidi’s Monkeys is set to begin its four show run on Friday, October 7at the Pajama Factory in Williamsport.
The two-act original play brings to life the macabre world of Heidi Mayerson, a young girl who is convinced that her stuffed toy monkeys have a message from beyond the grave. As Heidi’s world begins to descend into madness, the audience follows along in this stunning, tension-filled horror. 
The play was written by Matthew Lysiak, a Danville native and a former journalist for the New York Daily News and bestselling author of Newtown An American Tragedy (Simon and Schuster, December 10, 2013), Breakthrough (Harper Collins, March 3, 2015) and iShrieks (New Libre Press, October 2016)
“This year we will be pushing the envelope on how much people can take. It won’t be a success unless every single audience member walks out disturbed,” Lysiak said.
Tickets are $10 while available. Guests who come early to the show will receive a free Tarot Card reading from renowned Medium Lady Olivia and complimentary coffee by local roasting legend Way Cool Beans.
The play is based on an experience Lysiak had as an eight-year old child when believed to have witnessed a paranormal experience after watching his toy stuffed monkeys leap off of his shelf and attempt to climb onto his bed. 
The phenomena was apparently caused by “dark energy” that had attached itself to the toy monkey brought back as a gift to him from Italy, according to clairvoyant Cathy Rauch Meriaux. 
The spiritualist advised that the toy have limited contact with the cast and crew.
The "haunted" monkey will be used in the live performance.
The show will be directed by Williamsport native Desirae Ashilene Maustellera, who studied at the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin, Ireland, and Goldsmiths University in London. Madison Rice, Amy Straub, Bethany Girton Umholtz, Isaac J Conner, Myah Hunselman, and Rhys Kauffman are among the actors cast. 
Due to graphic depictions it is suggested that guests be 15-years or older to attend.





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