Kolb Net Works offers student interns an opportunity to learn the basics of the news industry, to receive hands-on experience in a variety of departments, and to polish communication talents in an intimate, supervised atmosphere. The internship position requires an individual who is both responsible and versatile. While an effort is made to show the intern that a variety of skills are needed, many tasks are assisting the general staff as needed. While the following list of tasks tries to cover all the possibilities, it does not strictly reflect all you will do while here.

Skills Preferred

  • Computer and Internet research experience
  • Reliability
  • Writing skills along with word processing skills (preferably MS Office)
  • Ability to work independently
  • Organizational skills
  • Flexibility to perform a variety of tasks needed in each department

Specifics of the Job

The internship at KNW is an unpaid position. When possible, a stipend is offered.

  • College Credit: Many interns receive college credit (usually equal to one class) for their time at Kolb. Check with your college advisor on the correct procedure for applying.
  • Hours: Our regular hours are 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. There are occasional after-hours meetings and programs that the intern is invited to attend. Kolb Net Works prefers that interns work a minimum 10 hours per week, to allow time to learn all aspects of publishing and the variety of jobs. Arrangements may be made to work flexible hours because of school requirements.
  • Reports: The intern is responsible for writing a weekly report covering tasks accomplished. Kolb Net Works would appreciate a report at the end of the internship covering all aspects of the internship. If you have questions about the report, please ask the Intern Adviser.
  • Meetings: Intern will be invited to attend weekly meeting of promotional staff and executive board to report on projects in progress.

News Department
The intern should be familiar with the news gathering department of KNW,, and its multimedia department, Interns in this position work in a news gathering and reporting field, and will experience journalism for print, television and radio. The task of the editorial department is to help gather news and write editorial copy, checking artwork for accuracy and relevance, sending editing queries to writers, incorporating writers' final changes into the articles, proofreading the final copy, checking corrections, and checking the web pages' layouts.

  • Writing: Select articles and news releases as needed. Writing skills test required for this portion.
  • Proofing: This is determined by the level of the intern's skills. The editor will give a proofing test to determine accuracy level. All proofing will be checked by one of the editorial staff.
  • Editing: Under editorial supervision, the intern may "practice edit."
  • Artwork: This involves checking illustrations and final artwork for editorial accuracy.
  • Computer: Using Microsoft Word and CS3 Suite. Scanning, using OCR technology, and keying in copy that needs to be on the system: books, press releases, brochures, etc.
  • Market research: Assist in locating advertising opportunities such as magazines, newspapers, and mailing lists for consumer contacts. Additional library and in-house research may be necessary..
  • Clerical: E-mailing or faxing letters. Sending out writers's guidelines and information as requested. Miscellaneous typing/computer inputting. Weekly efiling and filing of correspondence, articles, ads, etc.

Application Requirements
The following materials should be sent to the Intern Adviser.

  • Resume
  • Sample of writing (no more than 2 pages.)
  • All intern applications must include a letter from their parents indicating they know the student is applying for an unpaid internship.
  • Submissions must be sent via e-mail. Attachments should be named with your last name first and numbered.  For example Smith.doc, Smith1.doc. The e-mail should state how many attachments are include.



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