pine creek

And Yet

1 year 7 weeks ago
Pine Creek (Photo courtesy of David Ira Kagan)

Metallic rigs that scar the sky,
And sallow tanks where trees once grew,
Blend blights to make the forest dye—
And yet, prismatic prayers yield blue.

Machines that bang and belch and blast,
And cracking shale and fracking crew,
Destroy the land, ignore the past—
And yet, bird songs through wrongs ring true. more»

Gas Industry Truck Crashes; Fluid Drains Into Pine Creek

2 years 9 weeks ago

Gas Industry Truck Crashes; Fluid Drains Into Pine Creek - PSP Lmontoursville report a driver of a gas industry truck sustained no injuries after striking a rock cliff today in Watson Township. Investigator Johnathan Buynak said Christopher Hollis, 22, of Catawissa was traveling northbound on Route 44 around 12:30 p.m. Sept. more»

The Worst Criminal Act Ever Allegedly Perpetrated Along The Pine Creek Rail Trail

2 years 10 weeks ago
(Photo courtesy of David Kagan)

I have remained silent far too long on an issue of grave importance to those who use the Pine Creek Rail Trail. Recently, I met a friend and fellow bicycling enthusiast while out on the trail. He insisted that I stop and listen to his recall of an awful incident he had experienced, at the crossing of a country road with the trail—in fact, where we were at that moment. more»

Pursuing Funds to Relieve Residental Truck Traffic

2 years 31 weeks ago
(Photo by Dave Kagain)

The SEDA-COG Joint Rail Authority (JRA) is pursuing funds for an access road to relieve truck traffic through residential portions of South Avis, located in Clinton County’s Pine Creek Township.  The JRA has applied for one million dollars through Pennsylvania’s Infrastructure Development Program (IDP).   more»

What The Frack Does Frack Mean (Or Who Are The Frackers)?

2 years 37 weeks ago

"To frack" is an infinitive phrase meaning to break up shale rock with an ungodly high-pressure mixture of water, sand and a chemical brew that any witch would die for. more»

Invitation To Death By Gas Industry Truck?

2 years 40 weeks ago

Along the Pine Creek Rail Trail at the south end of the Waterville Recreational Parking area are two signs (the first yellow, the second white-and-green) inviting bicyclists to a “shared” experience of Route 44 just ahead. What insanity is this? Does somebody at DCNR or PennDot have a sick sense of humor?   more»

The Winter Wind in Gasland

2 years 43 weeks ago

It’s the last Sunday night in January, and the winter wind howls outside my Torbert Village home along Pine Creek, while up on Route 44 the unremitting roar of Marcellus shale gas industry trucks forms a horrid, contrapuntal accompaniment. Nature here has been forced into an unholy union with the gods of industrialization. more»

Elegy for North Central Pennsylvania

2 years 50 weeks ago

I sit, and read, and listen to the roar

Of passing gas trucks up on forty-four;

I fret and fume about my fractured fate,

About the greed and graft in my home state.

That Pennsylvania’s Representatives

Care more for moneymaking than what lives

Makes me despair and think that all is lost. more»

Rehabilitated Historic Silver Bridge near Jersey Shore Opens to Traffic

2 years 50 weeks ago

Montoursville - Following a three-year restoration project, the historic Silver Bridge carrying River Road over Pine Creek near Jersey Shore is reopened to traffic.

Prior to its closure in 2007 and subsequent removal for rehabilitation, the bridge was weight-restricted with a 7-ton limit. The rehabilitated lenticular truss is capable of carrying legal-sized loads. more»

Fate of Tombs Run Proposal this Friday, Aug. 12

3 years 15 weeks ago

Those who are seriously interested in reining in the excesses of the gas industry need to come attend the final Watson Township Zoning Hearing Board meeting this Friday, August 12, at 5 p.m., at the Wheeland Center on Locust Street across from the fire station in Jersey Shore. more»

Boy Scout Troop 34 Enjoys Pine Creek

3 years 28 weeks ago

Troop 34 Boy Scouts of America from Bellefonte brought life back to the old Camp Kline and Bonnell Flat areas just below Ramsey Village Friday evening through Sunday morning, May 13-15. During the day Saturday, they canoed down Pine Creek from Black Walnut Bottom below Slate Run Village to Hamilton Bottom above Waterville. more»

PennDOT Posting Another Section of Route 44 in Lycoming County

3 years 39 weeks ago

PennDOT is advising motorists in Lycoming County that another section of state highway will be posted with a permanent, year-round, 10-ton weight restriction.

Route 44 is being posted from just north of the intersection with Route 220 near Pine Creek west of Jersey Shore, to the intersection with Hyner Run Road in McHenry Township. more»

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