Weapon of Love

July 28, 2014

women spies

Whether for love, country or just a thrill, women from both sides rose up as spies during World War One. more»

Summer Sizzle: Madeline Sloane Box Set

June 27, 2014

Summer Sizzle: Madeline Sloane Box Set

Romance novel Box set for 99 centsCan’t beat this heat! more»


March 30, 2014

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Incandescent on Wattpad

March 5, 2014

Incandescent 1200 2014 200x300 Incandescent on Wattpad

Incandescent by Madeline Sloane more»

My New Obsession: Narrowboats

February 24, 2014
Historic working narrow boats on the Macclesfield Canal in Cheshire, England.

Courtship Customs

February 17, 2014

Here in the Highlands of Pennsylvania, we’ve been blanketed with snow and freezing temperatures. The snow is more than two feet deep and has been for weeks. We’re thinking of Spring and the end of this blasted winter. more»

St. Valentine’s Day Giveaway

January 31, 2014

St. Valentine's Day Giveaway 2014!

St. Valentine’s Day Giveaway 2014! more»

Cold Hands, Warm Heart

February 16, 2014


Warm Hands, Warm Heart

“Cold Hands, Warm Heart” is a myth that scientists have busted. more»


January 20, 2014

West Wind by Madeline Sloane Giveaways

Free eBook! more»

Highland Homecoming

October 19, 2013

Edinburg 300x224 Highland Homecoming

Highland Homecoming by Madeline Sloane more»


October 19, 2013

iStock 000023511153XXLarge 300x200 Skinterns

Skinterns by Madeline Sloane more»


January 14, 2014

KindleFire Deadline 2014 214x300 DEAD LINEDaily News reporter Katrina Hall returns to the office after a long tr more»


January 20, 2014

Distracted by Madeline Sloane

Distracted by Madeline Sloane more»


January 19, 2014

East of Eaton more»


January 18, 2014

westwind 300x138 WEST WIND

West Wind by Madeline Sloane more»


January 16, 2014

Consequence 2014 purplecover 200x300 CONSEQUENCESyndicated columnist Bridget Cormac has built a comfy lifestyle writing about history’s mysteries. more»

On the Boardwalk

June 10, 2013

Coneyisland1 300x200 On the Boardwalk

Coney Island more»

Tortured Hero Blog Hop

April 24, 2013

Tortured Hero Button Tortured Hero Blog Hop

Tortured Hero Blog Hop more»

Lucky in Love Blog Hop

March 14, 2013

bh lucky1 Lucky in Love Blog Hop

Lucky in Love Blog Hop more»

The Advocates Marched On

March 11, 2013

March is Women’s History Month, and to celebrate, here’s an awesome chronicle from the Library of Congress on Suffrage:

100 Years Ago Today: “A Declaration of Independence We Celebrate,” The Washington Herald, March 3, 1913 more»

Hottest Love

February 22, 2013

Afire1 200x300 Hottest Love

Hottest Love more»

Healthy Intimacy

February 20, 2013

iStock 000004059055Large 199x300 Healthy Intimacy

Healthy Intimacy more»

Swept Away Blog Hop

February 13, 2013

valentinesbh Swept Away Blog Hop

Swept Away Blog Hop more»

Heartbreaker’s Blog Hop

February 7, 2013

bh heartbreaker1 Heartbreakers Blog Hop

Heartbreaker Blog Hop more»

Trigger Words

January 28, 2013

Sometimes my husband says the wrong thing. He’ll make statements that contain trigger words such as, “obssess, scream, always and never.”

We’ve all heard these words before, and the reason they drive us crazy is because they contain a trace of truth. more»

The Man Who Invented the Future: Jules Verne’s Legacy

January 8, 2013

 Jules Vernes Legacy

Jules Verne

It’s been more than 100 years since the world mourned the passing of Jules Verne, “the man who invented the future.” He died March 24, 1905 in Amiens, France. more»

New Year’s Blog Hop

December 31, 2012

bh newyear1 New Years Blog Hop

New Year’s Blog Hop more»

Snow Daze

December 29, 2012

SnowyDay low 300x179 Snow Daze

Snow Daze: The backyard more»

Autumn’s Harvest Blog Hop

November 8, 2012

1 AutumnBlogButton1 Autumns Harvest Blog HopWelcome to the Autumn’s Harvest Blog Hop (Nov. 9-12, 2012). more»

Alpha Male Blog Hop: Richard Branson

October 18, 2012

Alpha Male Blog Hop

I’ve been asked to conjure an image of the Al more»


October 16, 2012

We are blog hopping our way through some new reads, and it’s a great way to be introduced to some wonderful authors you might not know. Follow us on the hop and you’ll be introduced to some exciting writers and their works in progress. Below, you will be able to learn a little bit about me and the authors who follow me in Week 18. Be sure to check them all out. more»

Romance Hop Winners

September 5, 2012

After more than 9,000 comments, the Romance Hop has ended and we’ve announced the grand prize winne more»

Welcome to the ‘Hero Blog Hop’

July 26, 2012

A Hero's Blog Hop

Welcome to A Hero’s Blog Hop, featuring more than 100 Authors and Bloggers sharing their favorite things about romance heroes. more»

Blog Hop Swag

July 22, 2012

Large Swag PackDo you like free stuff? more»

eBook Hoarding

July 14, 2012

I’m an eBook hoarder. more»

July 4th Blog Hop

July 1, 2012

July 4th Blog HopJust in time to celebrate freedom of speech, and the right to read it, comes the Celebrating Independence Blog Hop! There will be fireworks, BBQs, and if your lucky more»

Local Author Releases New Romance eBook 'Consequence'

2 years 22 weeks ago

Syndicated columnist Bridget Cormac has built a comfy lifestyle writing about history’s mysteries. When Police Chief Alec Boone drops a 50-year-old murder case in her lap, she’s eager to assist. Friendship kindles into a passionate affair, but their relationship is tested when the two professionals butt heads over the outcome of their findings. more»

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