Central Pa Film Office fundraiser event with Mark Mussina

10 weeks 4 days ago

How did Mark Mussina hit a homerun with his first movie?  The scriptwriter will share how he did it at a fundraiser for the Central PA Film Office on Friday, June 27 in the Capitol Lounge at the Community Arts Center 6:00 to 8:00 pm.  more»

Roll Over and Play Dead: THREE DAYS TO KILL

26 weeks 4 days ago

** (out of four)

If it weren’t for the acting, “Three Days to Kill” would be a disaster.

Of course, that’s often the reason we go to the movies -- to watch three pros like Kevin Costner, Hailee Steinfeld and Connie Nielsen. more»

Defying prognostication: OSCAR PREDICTIONS 2014

26 weeks 4 days ago

Cate Blanchett will win Best Actress for her excellent work in Woody Allen’s “Blue Jasmine.”
There -- I just had to get that out of the way! more»

BEST OF 2013: Another great year at the movies

33 weeks 3 days ago

The 2013 movie slate got off to a slow start and then exploded: As of June, my “best-of” list contained only one title; now I’m having trouble keeping it to ten!
Here they are, heavily weighted toward fall and winter: more»

NOT TOO LONG OR TOO DISAPPOINTING: Disney’s “Planes” does the job

1 year 1 week ago

**1/2 (out of four)

It’s silly to object that Disney’s new “Planes” is a copy of “Cars”; the film acknowledges this at every turn.

Remarking that the film isn’t as good seems pointless, too; animated movies simply don’t get much better than “Cars.” more»

OSCAR 2013: A Night of Firsts

1 year 27 weeks ago
Replicas of Academy Award statuette in a gift store Hollywood (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

This year, Oscar will be a night of firsts.

Among other things, the 2013 slate features both the oldest and youngest females ever to be nominated for Best Actress.

And when Daniel-Day Lewis wins for his uncanny portrayal of Abraham Lincoln (believe me, this is a no-brainer), he’ll become the first man ever to win Best Actor three times. more»

When Your Living Room TV Won't Do

2 years 1 week ago
August 22 – Singin’ In The Rain 60th Anniversary Encore, 7:00 PM

The opening scene of the Academy Award winning film classic Lawrence of Arabia, now rereleased after painstaking restoration on its 50th anniversary, zooms in over a vast and seemingly barren desert to slowly reveal a tiny undefinable speck. That speck grows and eventually becomes identifiable as Peter O’Toole and his Bedouin guide riding on their camels. more»

Williamsport Cinema Center Revives Classics

2 years 50 weeks ago

Ah, Sunday. A day of rest for some individuals who enjoy being armchair quarterbacks cheering on their personal favorite football team. For others, Sunday now means viewing a classic movie at the Williamsport Cinema Center, beginning Sept. 18. more»

For A Few Dollars More . . . Movies about money and greed

3 years 20 weeks ago

NCPA readers who finish their taxes on time this year -- April 18 is the fast-approaching deadline! -- might want to kick back afterward with some good movies. more»

I Didn't See That Coming ... A post-Inception look at some great storylines

3 years 50 weeks ago

Now that Christopher Nolan’s “Inception” is finished with its theatrical run and nearly everyone has seen “Shutter Island” on DVD, perhaps you’d like to check out some other films with twisty storylines.

Here’s a baker’s dozen; keep in mind, not every film here has a “surprise ending” -- but they sure do keep you guessing. more»

‘Juliet’: Not quite letter-perfect, but still worth a view

4 years 11 weeks ago

“Letters to Juliet” begins to almost every girl’s showcase of an ideal romance: the main character, Sophie (Amanda Seyfried), is about to be married and sets off to beautiful Verona, Italy, to spend some time with her fiancé, Victor (Gael Garcia Bernal) before their marriage. more»

I miss vintage horror, old sci-fi flicks

4 years 13 weeks ago

Remember staying up late on Saturdays and watching horror movie reruns?

There was a time when local television stations showcased horror films hosted by a ghoulish, often over-the-hill, actor. more»

Classics watch: Blues Brothers, Love Story

4 years 16 weeks ago

WILLIAMSPORT -- This weekend, despite recovering from a 41-hour workweek at the Illustrious Bux, I decided to also be productive during my vegetation hours. This happened mainly from a desire to swap out my mail-in rentals at Blockbuster, but also to enhance my grasp of classic movie history. I’d had my rentals -- “Love Story” and “The Blues Brothers” -- in my home for about two weeks. more»

‘Some Like it Hot’ sizzles!

4 years 18 weeks ago

I first watched “Some Like it Hot” in a class I had in freshman year that focused on classic films, called Hidden Treasures of a Bygone Era. I took it not only for my love of films, but because before that, I was ashamed to say that I had not seen many classic films. In the class, we watched many films by legendary actors, such as Katharine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart. more»

‘A Clockwork Orange’: the film with no appy-polly-loggies

4 years 24 weeks ago

Oh, my brothers, what is there to say about “A Clockwork Orange” and its humble narrator, that is, Alex De Large, a boy of 15 who routinely engages in a bit of the old ultraviolence?

‘Suspiria’: a horror masterpiece

4 years 26 weeks ago

“Suspiria” may very well have been catapulted into 21st century filmgoers’ lexicons by the 2007 film “Juno.” In one scene, the character Juno (Ellen Page) is debating the merits of horror films and mentions “Suspiria” by name. more»

I’ll have my breakfast at Tiffany’s

4 years 30 weeks ago

The slinky black Givenchy gown. The Tiffany’s window. Everyone knows what an iconic film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” came to be, especially in that opening shot. The film also catapulted its star, Audrey Hepburn, to fashion icon status. more»

Local author pens ‘The Psycho File’

4 years 38 weeks ago

Alfred Hitchcock’s low-budget, black-and-white blockbuster “Psycho” continues to influence people decades after its release. For high school teacher Joseph W. Smith III, the film has been a tool for connecting with teens in his English classes. Hundreds of his students have screened “Psycho” with him and discussed its themes, motifs and moral implications. more»

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