Goth Reviews: Ed Randazzo and Bret Alexander

4 years 51 weeks ago

Ed Randazzo and Bret Alexander SEE THAT MY GRAVE IS KEPT CLEAN (self-released) more»

Goth Review: Bobby Messano

5 years 6 days ago

Bobby Messano LIVE IN MADISON (Prince Frog Records)

Spike: Messano is a respected blues-rock guitarist from the greater New York City circuit. As a young guitarist, he educated himself on The Allman Brothers, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and BB King.

Goth Reviews: Ann Kerstetter

5 years 1 week ago

Ann Kerstetter DUKE STREET DIARY (Green Valley Recording)

Spike: DUKE STREET DIARY exceeded my expectations. I knew it had to be good, but not this good.

Goth Reviews: Christabeland the Jons

5 years 16 weeks ago

Christabel and the Jons CUSTOM MADE FOR YOU (Roots and Rizomes Records) more»

Goth Reviews: Blind Chitlin Kahunas

5 years 17 weeks ago

Blind Chitlin Kahunas: THIS OLD GUITAR (self-released) more»

Goth Reviews: The Badlees

5 years 19 weeks ago

The Badlees LOVE IS RAIN (S.A.M. Records)

Goth Reviews: Chris Pick

5 years 22 weeks ago

Chris Pick “The Mission” (from the compilation UNIFIED BY GRACE)

Goth Reviews: Ron Fleeger

5 years 23 weeks ago

Ron Fleeger and the Stranger LUCKY 7s (self-released) more»

Goth Reviews: Key of V

5 years 24 weeks ago

Key of V “You Love” (self-released) more»

Goth Reviews: Black Marble

5 years 27 weeks ago

Black Marble THE DEVIL’S CANNING PARTY (self-released) more»

Goth Reviews: Jonathan Haley

5 years 29 weeks ago

Jonathan Haley SPIRIT SONG (self-released)

Goth Woman: Some hot musicians lie in wait in the town of Jersey Shore. Haley is a classically-trained guitarist with strong vocals. On this project he’s backed by a band and string players from the Williamsport Symphony. more»

Goth Reviews: Beyondo

5 years 32 weeks ago

Beyondo a.k.a. Eric Biondo THE MOVE (self-released) more»

Goth Reviews: Michael Miller

5 years 33 weeks ago

Michael Miller I MADE YOU UP (Shiny Shiny)

Goth Reviews: John Oliver and the Distinguished

5 years 37 weeks ago

John Oliver and the Distinguished IT AIN’T OVER (self-released)

Goth Woman: Based in Williamsport, JOD are hot, on stage and in the studio. Everything about this recording is rock solid, from production to musicianship to song craft. more»

Goth Reviews: Davy Jones

5 years 41 weeks ago

Davy Jones SHE (Happy Productions)

Spike: This is a much-anticipated collection of pop standards the ex-Monkee worked on for over a year…

Goth Woman:
…in three different studios from central Pennsylvania to Florida to England… more»

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