Anti-Fracking Rally in Corning, April 27, 2012

3 years 22 weeks ago
Anti-Fracking Rally in Corning, April 27, 2012

Hello to all of you environmentally aware and environmentally caring people and to any media folks who are here. My name is Dave Kagan, and I’ve come to tell you what life is like now, where I live along Pine Creek in north central Pennsylvania, a state that I am now sorely ashamed of. more»

'Dimock Proud' Group Releases Video Highlighting the 'Real Dimock'

3 years 23 weeks ago

DIMOCK -- Dimock Proud released a video today highlighting the town’s landowners, residents and business owners positive feelings towards the natural gas development that is occurring there. The video is a response to an earlier misleading production produced by out of town anti-natural gas activists and highlighted by CNN’s IReport platform. more»

What The Frack Does Frack Mean (Or Who Are The Frackers)?

3 years 29 weeks ago
Tower for drilling horizontally into the Marcellus Shale Formation for natural gas, from Pennsylvania Route 118 in eastern Moreland Township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, USA (Wikimedia Commons: By Ruhrfisch)

"To frack" is an infinitive phrase meaning to break up shale rock with an ungodly high-pressure mixture of water, sand and a chemical brew that any witch would die for. more»

What The Frack Does Frack Mean (Or Who Are The Frackers)?

3 years 29 weeks ago

"To frack" is an infinitive phrase meaning to break up shale rock with an ungodly high-pressure mixture of water, sand and a chemical brew that any witch would die for. more»

Fractured Shakespeare (Or Hamlets Under Gas-sault)

3 years 32 weeks ago
Bull Run Vista Anadarko gas well pad

To frack, or not to frack: that is the question:

Whether ‘tis better in the ground to leave the gas

Within the shale offering vast fortune,

Or to frack risking a sea of troubles,

And by fracking endure them. To drill, too deep—

Drill more—and by our wells’ wealth to say we end

Our heartaches, but bring on the earthquakes more»

DEP Fines TerrAqua Resource Management for Frack Water Spill in Lycoming County

3 years 38 weeks ago

Company Lost 800 to 1,000 Gallons in March 2011
Williamsport – The Department of Environmental Protection has fined TerrAqua Resource Management LLC of Williamsport, Lycoming County, $18,500 for a March 2011 hydraulic fracturing, or frack, water spill at the company’s treatment facility in Lycoming County.

Taking On the Fifth Column

*Dear RDA Members,*
Three weeks ago, the PA House and Senate each passed, by strong majority
votes that fell predominantly along party lines, SB1100 and HB 1950, two
bills that amount to posting a “Welcome, Weasels and Foxes” sign on the hen
house that is our state. Our explanation of the subject is rather lengthy

PA Mice Invade Harrisburg, NY Rats Invade the Endless Mountains

[image: image.png]
Dear RDA Members,
Happy Thanksgiving to all!
Mixed in with disappointment at the certification of the MARC I pipeline
project and disgust with pathetic timidity of both houses of the
legislature last week, was something to be very thankful for: the Delaware
River Basin Commission's decision to cancel a scheduled vote on natural gas

Event tomorrow, crucial need for your comments, a lousy piece of legislation, State College rally

[image: image.png]
Dear RDA Members and any former military psy-ops officers who now work for
the gas companies monitoring us,
In this vital week for the future of Pennsylvania, we focus on an upcoming
seminar, a crucial need for public comment, a lousy piece of legislation
and a rally in State College.

Public perception, water quality, air quality, and a dire piece of pro-industry legislation

*[image: image.png]
**Dear RDA Members,*
*This week, we share news about public perception, water quality, air
quality, and a dire piece of pro-industry legislation.*
*Public Perception*
We are all bombarded with gas industry-sponsored ads on television, radio,
billboards, and print media. Although many folks are savvy enough to

EPA Action, Citizens MS Commission, Rider Park reflections

[image: image.png]
Dear RDA Members,
*In this issue, our 3 stories cover all 3 levels in the gas drilling arena:
federal, state and local. *
*We invite you to take action, read what your fellow citizens have to say
about gas drilling, and reflect with us on the anniversary of saving Rider
Park from the drill.*

Dead calves, dry buffaloes, DRB Commission sued

[image: image.png]
Dear RDA Members,
*Remember those Tioga County cows that drank drilling flowback water?* The
incident made the front page of the Williamsport Sun Gazette. The story
began when a flowback pit (called a “pond” by drilling companies, but full
of fracking chemicals, heavy metals and salt not usually found in ponds) had

Forest fragmentation, Ban gas drilling in our National Forests

[image: image.png]
Dear RDA Members,
Through your shared comments and feedback, we came to realize that the
intended tone of last week's newsletter was misinterpreted by some of our
readers. We apologize if you were one. That said, we continue to believe the
rig tour was a valuable experience in RDA's ongoing endeavors to learn all

Rig Tour Report

[image: image.png]
Dear RDA Members,
We are still getting back to normal around here, but a couple of our working
group members went on rig tour on Monday to try and learn how industry
practices are changing.
Two things stood out upon approaching the well pad, perched high up on a
hillside in a wide valley of mixed forest and meadow country in one of our

Citizen's Commission Hearing This Wednesday

Dear RDA Members,
*The* *Citizen's Marcellus Shale Commission* *hearing in Williamsport will
be this Wednesday, September 21st, from 6 – 9 pm* *in Lycoming College’s
Heim Hall Room G-11. *Free parking is available in the lot off Mulberry
Street. If you would like to share your opinion or talk about how you have

Counting Our Blessings

**Dear RDA Members,*
Our sympathies, best thoughts, wishes and prayers go out to all who have
suffered due to last week’s flooding in Pennsylvania and New York.
Our regular newsletter editor, Barb Jarmoska, who’s home, office and family
retreat since the early 1930’s was right in the path of the record flood

Rider Park Celebration

Dear RDA Members,
Mark your calendar, and come help us celebrate Rider Park! As we approach
the 1-year anniversary of last year's successful campaign to stop the First
Community Foundation from leasing Rider Park for gas drilling, RDA is
planning a “Celebrate Ride Park” picnic-style reception. You and your

Citizens Marcellus Shale Commission

[image: Citizens Marcellus Citizens Commission] Dear RDA Members,
We are pleased to announce that a new commission launching this week will
give you, as a citizen of Pennsylvania, an opportunity to share your views
about drilling in the Marcellus Shale.
Former state Representatives Carole Rubley and Dan Surra will co-chair

Not All It's Fracked Up To Be

** *
**Loyalsock Township Gas Activity Ordinance Hearing Tuesday*
Loyalsock Township supervisors will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, August
23, from 7pm – 9pm at 2501 East Third St. to give residents (and members of
the gas industry) a chance to voice their opinions on an amendment to the
Loyalsock Township Ordinances regarding gas activities in the township.

Fracking's Consequences Obscured by Legal Tactic

**Fracking's Consequences Obscured by Legal Tactic*
by Anthony Robbins
Natural gas producers are battling public concerns over the health effects
of their extraction techniques. Does injection of water and toxic chemicals
deep into the ground to release methane gas contaminate ground water, and
potentially drinking water? Now it appears that settled lawsuits and

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