Neighborhood Militia

February 9, 2012

Yesterday, I was awakened from a nap by a harsh "TING TING-TING TI-TING" kind of noise. more»


February 9, 2012

Happy 122nd Birthday, Charlie! (Chaplin's birthday is actually tomorrow, April 16th, but I don't post on Saturdays, soooo...)

Queen Elizabeth II's Old Used Panties

April 13, 2011

GUEST ARTIST: Arlyne Ramirez

Apparently, Queen Elizabeth II's panties are for sale. MUST HAVES if you have a couple grand to spare. more»

"Morbidly Obese and Slightly Depressed" Bird

February 9, 2012

"Can you tell me how to to get to the cookies, please?"

Doing the Limbo

February 9, 2012

It may be cuter, but it's definitely more difficult.

The Wizard of Chocolate Land

April 7, 2011

GUEST ARTIST: Jimmy Miller

Jimmy is a student in Lock Haven, PA. more»

Slimy Ghosts

February 9, 2012

I believe the original tagline for Ghostbusters was "I ain't afraid of no long as it's in bunny ears...otherwise I might more»


February 9, 2012

Illumination Entertainment's "Hop" comes out today. more»

Sea Captains Who Are Looking for Love

February 9, 2012

Are you a sea captain who needs his bed rocked by something other than the ocean? more»

Women With Prostates

March 29, 2011

No more prostate posts for a while. more»

Learning at an Embarrassingly Late Age That There Are No Inner Tubes in Car Tires

March 25, 2011

When I was about 25 years old, a tire was slashed on my car while it sat behind my apartment. more»

Public Sketchers

March 22, 2011

A great exercise for artists is to sit in public, watch people, and quickly record poses, body types, and clothing syles more»

Eggs That Are Larger Than the Birds That Lay Them

March 30, 2011

"Darwin, your assistance needed on aisle 3, clean up!" more»

One Year!

March 10, 2011

One year ago I was in an artistic funk. more»


March 9, 2011

"I've got one speed; I've got one gear: Go!" more»

Strangers Who Ask "Are You a Cop?"

March 8, 2011

Yesterday, I joined a handful of animation peers for a 15-mile bike ride. more»

Rube Goldberg Plants

March 30, 2011

GUEST ARTIST: John Anderson more»

Drawings by Three-Year-Olds

February 26, 2011

This one goes on the fridge. more»

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