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Wmspt Man Asks for Summit on Crime and Race Issues

3 weeks 2 days ago
Crime Summit requested in Wmspt

Dear Mayor Campana, more»

Letter to the Editor - Federal Prison Reform Needed

14 weeks 5 days ago

Dear Editor: more»

Concerns for Gov. Wolf

25 weeks 16 hours ago

E-mail address: doug.berkley@gmail.com
Your full name: Douglas Berkley
Category: Letter to the Editor more»

Fast Driving in Town

28 weeks 19 hours ago

Yesterday there was an accident on the street where I live.  There are a lot of children in this area who frequent Lose Park, which is right across the street.  There is a community garden on the corner which, although not teeming with people at present, will soon be tended by the people who grow things in it.  I don't know how fast people drive down the other streets which more»

Great Finance News

2 years 21 weeks ago

Last year, I approached City Council to join for the first time a health care insurance cooperative. The purpose was to save the city taxpayer dollars. My financial team and I estimated that we would save $200,000. more»

A Holiday Wish: Susquehanna River Needs Your Help

2 years 40 weeks ago

Holidays are for reminiscing and sharing fishing stories with family and friends, so I would like to offer you the chance to share some of your memories of the Susquehanna River with your PFBC family. more»

Why aren't the drillers picking up the tab?

3 years 2 weeks ago

Your news organization recently featured a post on the "Marcellus Institute" at Mansfield U. offering First responder training. The cost is $650/person. Why aren't the drillers picking up the tab for this training? If they weren't putting the general population in DANGER by fracking, our 1st responders wouldn't need this training. more»

Advocating for a Middle Ground in Natural Gas Industry

3 years 14 weeks ago

I have been pleased to see articles on the natural gas industry and have taken notes on efforts by people to educate themselves on the industry, attend local meetings and more. Many of the steps they are taking are easily duplicated by others looking to learn the facts on the natural gas industry. more»

Mayor Urges Public to Attend Council Meeting, Welcome Kohl's

4 years 51 weeks ago

The City of Williamsport has been waiting for many years for a major department store to become an anchor in downtown Williamsport.  The time has come!  We are so fortunate that Kohl’s Department Store has chosen Williamsport, PA to be one of their sites for a store opening in October, 2011.  more»

ATVs vs Wildlife: Why Can’t We Have Both on Northumberland County Land?

5 years 6 weeks ago

Dear Editor,

In this letter Habitat for Wildlife outlines reasons why motorized and non-motorized recreation doesn't mix and offers a solution in the form of a compromise. We also question if a 6,000 acre OHV/ATV park goes through, would we just be trading local dollars for out of town dollars?

Please read and share this letter but most importantly, act. more»

Keep Our Forests Wild

5 years 20 weeks ago

A few weeks ago, I asked you to help us protect Pennsylvania's great state forests -- places like Sproul State Forest and the Tioga State Forest -- from being sold off to the highest bidder and opened up for dangerous gas drilling. more»

The Needs of the People in Lycoming County

5 years 30 weeks ago

Letter to the Editor

I write to you about a crisis of huge proportions. While the needs of the people of Haiti continue to deserve our attention and support, this crisis is right here at home. It is a crisis of the needs of the people in Lycoming County and how one organization tries to help our neighbors in need.  more»

Our Last Chance

5 years 31 weeks ago

For months, the historic push for federal action on clean energy and global warming has been stalled in the Senate -- but that's about to change. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has given legislators two weeks to draft clean energy legislation that repowers our economy with clean energy jobs, tackles global warming and reduces our dependence on foreign oil. more»

Grateful for my Pennsylvania life

5 years 44 weeks ago

I grew up in Tarrytown,NY, a highly populated suburb of New York City.  I have now lived in the Williamsport area for 12 years and I'm still in awe. I still yell out like a little kid, "a cow, I see a cow!" anytime I drive by a farm. more»

The time for public comment is now

5 years 45 weeks ago

Dear Friends and Fellow PA residents,

Many of you join me in your concerns about what the gas well industry, now moving into our state with warp speed, will do to our way of life here in Pennsylvania. more»

We’ve got a lot of questions

5 years 45 weeks ago

I was at the Genetti Hotel in Williamsport on Wednesday, November 18th for the public hearing held by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regarding Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) of pollutants entering the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.  www.epa.gov/chesapeakebaytmdl more»

Cut Through the Rhetoric

I do not consider myself to be an environmental activist.  However, I do hope that we go slow with the setting of standards and approvals for the natural gas industry to follow.   When we first moved to Williamsport in the early 70's I still vividly remember our first drive through the heart of the strip mining region in central PA.   The black gashes of earth, the streams running iron colored and the general sense of devestation of the landscape and the people was hard to take.   We both wondered what type of state would allow this to happen. more»

Pass the Budget Now

This is a brief letter I had sent to Congress, Senate, and House on Sept. 30, 2009. I am a 37-year-old Child Care Director and I am very concerned for the many families who have been more than patient with this state budget issue. My family has recently (18 months ago) purchased a century-old stone church that was vacant and also an educational building on the same 3-acre complex. We manage a child care facility of approx 125 children and we've also opened up for the greater community an indoor children's playland. more»

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