Wmspt Police Capt Miller's statement from this morning's press conference

Capt. Timothy Miller's statement from this morning's conference

Statement prepared by Captain Miller

As I have stated from the beginning we have the utmost respect for the Pennsylvania State Police’ efforts and professionalism throughout this investigation.

Yesterday we met with the District Attorney for the first time and were provided with the final details from the Pennsylvania state Police accident investigation.

This investigation has been a difficult one on many levels.  It involved the loss of innocent life and called into question the actions of a Police officer who believed he was doing his duty.

As I stated last week, all of us were deeply troubled with the circumstances and facts surrounding this tragic accident.  I am quite confident that law enforcement throughout Lycoming County are operating differently because of the tragedy that occurred on January 12, 2014.

Ultimately the outcome of this event will be decided by a judge or jury as to whether or not Officer Deprendas’ actions were criminal while in the performance of his duty not by public opinion.

We appreciate those members of the public who supported the process being undertaken by the Pennsylvania State Police and the Williamsport Bureau of Police.

We all wanted answers and we now have those answers.

Many in Law enforcement are torn regarding this outcome as we all put our lives and reputations on the line every day, and have to make split second decisions however, this one has come at an ultimate price costing one man his life and another his career and possiblythe same freedom he has faithfully defended.


See more about this story at: http://www.northcentralpa.com/article/lycoming-county-da-and-wmspt-police-officials-make-statements-morning-about-fatal-accident-i

WRAK has produced and aired a show for their "Community Matters" radio show with Capt. Miller - see http://cityofwilliamsport.org/pdf/Exclusive%20Interview%20with%20Captain%20Miller%20regarding%20fatal%20crash.mp3

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