Wmspt Mayor Announces Hoops Not Harm Program

Press release from the Mayor of Williamsport received today:

Mayor's last comments about basketball at Memorial Park, new opportunities at Memorial Family Park, and the City's Hoops Not Harm Program

The basketball courts at Memorial Park were removed because of deviant criminal behavior. Such behavior was identical to the behavior leading up to the shooting at Flanigan Park. Both parks were taken over by 20 plus year olds intimidating families.
As Mayor, I would not be able to live with myself if an innocent child whether black or white was shot.
Opportunities to take ownership were not fulfilled by stakeholders. The basketball court and other areas will be transformed into a true Family Friendly Park and has the support of the 5 voting members of the Recreation Commission.
For instance, I have been approached by a football league to use the grass field behind Bowman Field for youth football. It will be played in the fall season. Darien Buxton will be the coach of the Willamsport based Lumberjacks.

In addition, today I am announcing The City's Hoops Not Harm Program.
Yesterday, I met with a group of basketball advocates and the Lycoming Housing Authority.
My administration, through the Recreation Commission, has offered to co/manage several hoops at Flanigan Park. The use would be for organized, structured basketball activity (no additional cost to taxpayers). We are waiting to hear back from the group that approached us. A special thank you is given to Mrs. Severson at LHA for her cooperation. Any other group looking to use these courts may contact my Recreation Director Justin Simpson.
Furthermore, the Mayor's Basketball Tournament will occur on July 19, 2014 at Lose Park. A HORSE Tournament for children 10 and under will begin at 10:00 am. A three on three basketball tournament and a Health Fair will occur at 12 noon.
Finally, basketball opportunities will be available at Destination 2014's Liberty Arena.

Office of the Mayor
Gabriel J. Campana

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