Press release regarding Memorial Park from Wmspt Mayor Campana

April 23, 2014
Recent litter at Memorial Park, Wmspt.

Mayor Gabriel Campana said, “We are reclaiming our neighborhoods and parks for all families. Last year, the basketball rims at Memorial Park were removed for two weeks because inappropriate behavior such as littering, tossing cigarette butts, cursing, loud inappropriate music, and drug activity stemmed from the basketball court use. As a result, families were subjected to bad behavior thus causing them not to return to Memorial Park. Later, the basketball rims were reinstalled with the users’ promise that they would take ownership and positive behavior would occur. I made it clear last year if the above behavior would return, basketball would be permanently removed.  It is nearly one year later, and the same deviant behavior is occurring at the basketball site. It is clear that the above promise was empty and not followed through.

Attached are photos of the site.  

Therefore, our city is taking a stand.  It is with regret that by executive order, the backboards and poles have been permanently removed by streets and parks employees this morning. This area will be replaced by another recreational activity. With construction of a new pool at Memorial Park commencing this fall, and investing in the Memorial Avenue neighborhood, we are committed to ensuring a safe, clean, family oriented park.”

Additional Images: 
Picture of recent litter at Memorial Park